Skill 295 Planer?

I bid and won a Skill 295 planer on Ebay.  It was only $79.00. So I'm not out of Much money if this turns out to be a bad choice for shaping a board. 

 With all that in mid can anybody give me any insight into this Planer?  Has anyone used a Skill 295? Any feed back would be appreciated.

Nobody has any info on this Skill Planer?

I used a Skil 96 thirty years ago, but I've never heard of the 295. Got pics?

I just won it on Ebay. As soon as I get it I will take some photos.  With the numeric designation of 295 could it be almost 3 times as good as a 100? Yeah I Know bad joke.

a Skil 295 is a router, not a planer… that might be some of the confusion?  Should work fine for finboxes… not so great for shaping.

Thanks Keith, It was listed on ebay as a planer. Still I am not out that much money and do have a tool junky habit.

     Howzit artz,If it was listed wrong you can return it without any problems,did you read the discription and it said planer also. Sounds like something ebay would ot like and would back you for a return. Aloha,Kokua

With all due respect to Keith, there is an old Skil 295 model that is a combination planer/router.  It is similar to an older combination Stanley tool.  Neither one is suitable for shaping surfboards except for maybe truing outlines.  The motor hangs below the sole on each.  Here are pics from eBay...



john mellor, Thanks for providing the photos  The description did say that the 295 could be used for making surfboards. I can see from the photos that it would not be suitable except as john said for trimming the outline.

Thanks for the advice Kokua. I'll send note to the seller and see what he has to say.

     Howzit artz, Now that is a door planer nd without a closer look it looks like that is about all it can be used for. If you don't hang doors for a living I would send it back. Aloha,Kokua

It looks like an interesting old tool.  I’d keep it.  Or, maybe send it to Balsa for his collection.  Mike

an update for those that care. The seller was very understanding and returned my money. So all is good.