skimboard rocker

When making a foam skimboard, can you get the correct rocker using the same procedure as with a wooden board (simply weighting down the nose)? Or is there a better way that I can get more accurate rocker with?

a rocker table i think its called, its part of the vacum bagging process i think. im no expert but all i know is dont put any rocker in the tail, and only a little in the nose if you are planning on riding waves.

Well, I’ve looked over different discussions and I’ve noticed that rocker tables are mentioned a bit. Can anyone tell how to construct one or where I can find out how?

If you’re vacuum bagging you should be able to just use a mold… if it’s not sitting properly, yea, a little weight will help. I suppose you could do it traditional, laminate one side, flip it, put it on a wax/release coated mold and weigh it down. All this assumes that you’re using flat sheets of foam and bending them?

Just made one with half a PU longboard that I found. Just shaped it out as I would any surfboard. Great learning experience…

The easiest way to build a rocker table is to get a piece of plywood that flexes a little (1/4"), and attach it to a stiff board, or work bench with screws. You want to attach it where the tail will be, up to where you want your nose rocker to start. Next, wedge a piece of scrap wood under the plywood at the nose end. You’re done.

If you are going to vacuum bag, you will want to make the plywood several inches larger on all sides so you will have enough space to attach your bag. Also, you will have to seal the plywood with some paint, because it is porous.

You can avoid using a vacuum bag by glueing two layers of foam together on the rocker table with just some weights on top. Then shape and glass as normal.

How do I set up a vacuum bag? I understand the rocker table and that’s great help for now, but eventually I’m going to need to know how to vacuum bag.

Is using the vacuum bag technique even neccessary? Could I make a decent foam skimboard by glassing it by hand?

u can do it without a vac bag

The best way to get a rocker is to split and ad a stringer. Vacuum laminating will work for glassing you rocker in but takes a lot of practice!

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