"Skinning" a Blank

Aloha, Can someone tell me about how much is the minimum amount of foam you need to remove to skin a blank . I am thinking af making a board with a blank that is borderline on thickness to begin with. Thanks in advance for the help.

I find the skin on my blanks is usually only about 1/32 or so thick.

Thanks . I didnt realize that it was so little that you took off.

Sorry to post this photo again… it shows pretty clearly how thin the crust is when you shave it off with a sharp block plane. The job goes surprisingly quick this way and I believe that if you’re trying to save as much thickness as possible, it’s a good way to go. You could take a sanding block to it after this step.

I like the hand plane idea, I’ll give it a try. A hand plane is silent and really pleasant to use (at least with wood) and you can really feel the material. In addition, it seems you don’t make so much dust (great to be able to work outdoors and without respirator!). Pierre