Skip Frye/ Surfboards Australia

Hello all,

I was hoping to find maybe some insight into this board. So on the deck is a Surfboards Australia logo and the bottom has what looks like the Skip Frye wings. Every Skip board I’ve seen he signs Skip on one wing and Frye on the other. This board doesn’t have that. Was Skip a shaper for this logo during this time frame? Looks to me early to mid seventies. Also I’m thinking of fixing the dings on this board, is there any reason not too? Thanks a lot


For that board, there is no reason to not fix up those dings.

Surfboards Australia were made in the US at the Gordon and Smith factory from roughly 1969 to 1971. Since Frye worked at G&S back then it’s no surprise to see this. But, I doubt many have the wings. First SA from San Diego I’ve ever seen with the Frye wings. Too bad about the condition. The combination of logos makes it a rare board.

I feel sombody should say

floyd smith out loud.

praise his vision.


Looks like a glassing room mistake to me.

I was working at G&S in this era. We were making the Surfboards Australia, the InterIslands and a few others. All going through the same glassing room at the same time.

I remember at least once seeing a board with a G&S logo on one side and SA on the other. This is pretty rare though. It was not done on purpose. Believe me.

Skip’s main job was to shape his own model and that was it. But oocasionally he might shape a production board or two. Not often though. And if he did he DID NOT sign it. Larry didn’t let the production shapers sign boards although you might see an initial once in a while. P for Paul Bordieri (RIP) or JH for John Holly.

I agree Bill.  I wasn’t in and out of G&S at the time, but was around Pacific Beach and PB Surf Shop a lot.  PB Shop was the main G&S outlet at the time.  Surfboards Australia boards, accessories, T-shirts and logos were all over that shop.

It’s worth a repair and a polish.  Great example of what was around in San Diego at the time.

Any pics from the side of that bad boy?  I would love to see the foil of that board!