slightly OT, jalama

Anyone ever camp/surf at jalama? Think i’ll be able to get a campsite August 20-22? I got no planning leeway cuz I got to be back in the marshall islands soon after that… Thanks for your input.


Surfing at Jalama is one thing: that’s a good time of year though the word on it from locals is that the crowd density continues to shoot through the roof with the level long past the ridiculous stage. Getting a campsite there is another matter entirely. It’s been booked ALL summer for AT LEAST the last ten years, and is getting worse. You cannot ‘reserve’ anything, you just have to show up, put your name on ‘the list’, and then show up back at the camp around 3pm when the Rangers start reading from the list, working their way down the ‘aspirants’. Hopefully, they get to your name and you get a coveted spot. If not, you’re done for the day and no camp for you. Good luck. For me, I would try camping in Big Sur instead. Less guys, good waves, great time of year, and a lot greener and prettier, with better ancillary activities and places to visit. Just a thought. Good luck wherever you end up!

Daddio remembers when 25-50 campsites full was crowded.

Now it’s at least three days wait and then campsites are drawn lottery style, so you may end up on concrete on the hill.

2 days is not enough time!!!

Get a cheap hotel in Lompoc and drive in to Jalama for day use.

If you have a dog bring it cause the walking on the beach with your family sometimes beats a crowded surf session. If you’re hardcore - a windsurfer would be more usable there - you’ll see. Have a Jalama burger and beer and enjoy the sunset - then go back to town.

You can’t beat Big Sur for camping. But waves are more hit or miss.

Good Luck!


Jalama 30 years ago was such a cool getaway.could cruise in any day/time of the week and generally be the only camp of surfers(and many a time, the only camp period!)many a camp fire spent knockin’ a few back with ranger on duty.last time i attempted to camp there was early 90’s-whoa daddy, what a to get a motel room in lompoc or bueltin and cruise in for the day to surf.

I do know a couple of spots in big sur, surfed there on a board and in a kayak. My favorite place to camp, hands down. Specifically Kirk creek and ventana. Unfortunately, it’s a bit far for my friends who aren’t going to be on a two week vacation like me. So we picked a spot further south. Jalama sounds a little like the hostel at the pigeon point lighthouse for getting in. It wasn’t that crowded when I was there, but that was in december a couple of years ago. Thanks for the info.