slip check removal??

Hey all

I just came into a Bing Nuuhiwa lightweight in darn near immaculate condition.Aside form a few pressure dings the board is darn near perfect.I does need some minor clean up as to be expected.That brings me to my ??.It appears at one time slipcheck? was used on the nose and tail area.I can handle the wax removal but the residual slipcheck is very stubborn. I have tried small amounts of lacquer thinner and mineral spirits without much success.Before I climb the chemical chain for something stronger, can anyone offer some advice.Thought about acetone,but a bit cautious on it effects.any and all advice appreciated.



P.S.Will post photos soon


Restored a older one myself which had slip check material (matte black, gritty textured stuff) sprayed on both the tail and nose as well.

Only power sander would budge the stuff .



Hi Mike,

I’ve gotten the stuff off with acetone. Just use plenty, do it outside if you can ( flammability and flash point issues ) and maybe one of those nylon scrub pads. Or a stiff plastic bladed putty knife. Let the stuff soak into the slipchek, attack with putty knife 'til ya get down to residue, then the nylon scrub pad should deal with the rest.

Acetone - well, look, it’s not good for ya, absorbed in the liver and can be taken up through the skin if I remember right, so gloves are a good thing. Organic vapor mask if you are working inside and be very thorough when it comes to shutting down any spark sources like electric motors - the vapors burn nicely and can be kicked off easy.

It will etch your gloss coat a little if you let it stay in place too long…but wipe it up quickly and it’s fine. Where you are taking off the slipchek, you’ll definitely get some etching - so either polish it out or don’t bother - gonna be under the wax anyways, right, so why worry about it.

hope that’s of use


Slip Check was an oil based Spray product.Plain old paste paint stripper will get it off quite nicely.Clean up the residue with denatured alchohol or acetone.Like Doc said it can “etch” the surface a bit but its less intrusive than sandpaper.A little rubbing compound finishes it up OK. RB

Want to thank everyone for the advice.I would like to explain a little further on what I am trying to remove.90% of the slip check is gone,what is left is the residue.Any further suggestions welcomed.



Watch out with that paint stripper stuff actually. I used paint stripper on a board a while back and ended up having to regloss the bottom of a board. I left it on the board for a little too long (I guess) and when I went to take the paint off the gloss coat was soft too. Pain in the ass. Use acetone. -Carl

Thanx to everyone with your suggestions.I ended up traveling through the chemical chain,startred with denatured alcholo,it was slow in removing glue,next came acetone a little better,but still took alot of rubbing.I finally settled on MEK non peroxide type and it was like butter.End result the board came out a true GEM,no B.S. it look as if it was just out of showroom,it now is displayed in my living room to admire.I wil try to post photos if anyone is interested in seeing.

                                                   Appreciate all the advice 

                                                          Adios Mike