Small kayak.... bigger shark!

Cool stuff.

I watched this discovery channel show that was about a mysterious killer of seals in some cold watered area and they figured it was a shark but there were no sharks for miles. They figured that the killer was a rare shark that is usually blind with a parasite sucking on its eye! that ate krill of some sort and not a great carnivore. But so these researchers surmised that the seals were being curious and provoking the shark and it would try and bite them but since it was blind it didn’t really do much but get this…the seals have this innate way of escaping danger by twisting as a predator bites them. So with this rare shark biting them and the seals spiraling away they actually contributed to their own bizarre death by being sliced up like a spiral cut ham!! so these seals were washing on shore with razor like cuts in a spiral manner. crazy fishes those sharks.