Small kayak.... bigger shark!

Nough said

…I just hope that black line in the photo is a shark killing bazooka , otherwise that guy is an ex-guy.

If i’m not mistaken i think thats the equator…

momma, I’m skay-ud

What magazine is this out of ?

Also, this photo is screaming photoshop (not on your part LAVZ)…

Is it real?

oh…and what the F?

I’m not too sure which mag it is out of, i got that pic from a surfing friend through email…

I think its real, the water ripples are pretty consistent… the water colouring etc etc…

All i know is that if that was me, id turn around and snap kick it to face and show it who is boss :wink: haha man that thing could probably eat that kayak whole…

Real or not still puts a scary image in your mind.


doesnt look photo shop to me

if it is there very very good

and took two photos in the same place a short time later

id have to say its as real as the poo in that dudes pants

I didn’t know great whites came in black or dark blue . . . the fins sticking out of the water and the shark’s back must show it is a dark color . . . beautiful shot of the shark . . . and whole scenery . . . But wow that shark is just awesome . . .

Tough call . . . do you paddle and act as if nothing is going on? Or stop and watch? OR fight back => to turn around and stuff a paddle in the shark’s face and pray for deliverance from the great beast. Maybe if you have a bang stick or speargun . . . use it . . . Or if you have caught something tossing it behind you while you’re paddle away might buy some time. Maybe paddle over it and jump on its back and hang on to freak it out (like that girl did in the recent nor cal shark bite incident)?

Is That shark looks like its in investigative hoping its edible mode, usually concluding the test with a probing bite? or just curious about you? or maybe just one of the beautiful things in nature that happens, and then it swims away?

meanwhile the rest of the kayak crew remained on board the mother ship throwing chum into the water, for this dude was a mean, mean camp counselor…


…I just hope that black line in the photo is a shark killing bazooka , otherwise that guy is an ex-guy.

Unfortunately it’s his rudder. Even worse, it’s out of the water!!!

I’m pretty sure that sharks attack from the bottom. They stalk their prey and dive deep then surge up. I don’t know what’s going on here.

I think the guy is practicing the theory that sharks won’t attack you if you’re staring at it! hah.


Sharks frequent the surface for a couple reasons… the ain one is oxygen… as you probably know, sharks filter oxygen from the water, near the surface, the oxygen content is greater. sharks cant go too deep, just like people cant go to high… lack of oxygen. also, sharks stay closer to the surface during feeding times… smaller prey live up there… think of it like the buffet line… however, I like your staring match theory better…lol

p.s. this is also why its dangerous to go out during feeding times… hungry sharks swimming towards the surface… not a good idea to be out then

[=Blue]Wow! That brings back memories. That is almost exactly the scenereo I had (mentioned in a previous post) in Oregon where I got chased out of the water by a great white. Only I was paddeling a short board! Not a Kayak.

He stalked me right up to about 5 foot behind me and luckily I caught a small wave to the beach. My friends were on the beach watching the whole thing and flipping out! Kind of creeps me out seeing that photo and thinking about it.

Yeah, but i figured this shot wasn’t a shark attack because if it was, the shark would be shooting up from the bottom. seems pretty docile…

but maybe the sharky was just about to “spring” the trap on the guy.

yeah, if a shark was attacking it would be from behind and down… fish cant look down… surprise attack… in this case, the shark was just lounding in the sun keeping warm and breathing some really fine oxygenated water… it would only attack if the guy hit it with a paddle or something like that… sharks have the same mentality of bees or wasps… if you leave them alone, they leave you alone (if its not feeding time)

I don’t know, I have seen films of divers in the water with aggressive sharks. The sharks are much less likely to bite when a person faces them and challenges them. Ever see that film of the hot underwater film girl that gets stalked by Makos for 20 minutes. The dudes in the water with her kept facing the sharks and they kept turning away. Every time the dudes turned their back on the sharks they would lunge. Really terrifying.

Is it really a great white on that picture ? Over here in france we have the basking shark. We seldom see one near the beach but they’re around. They can be over 30 feet long but have no teeth and only eat the tiniest shrimps.

If we look at that web site ( we learn that “…a baskers dorsal is well behind the pectorals, a white’s dorsal is closer to the pectorals”. Might be a white skark then …

i watched a really cool thing on the discovery channel a couple days ago about white sharks…and HOW and WHY they “attack”. it reported on a couple very recent studies that showed a lot of new information. however, it was very contradictory to some of the things suggested in this thread.

Hey Soulstice,

I’d like to know what tidbits of info was said in the program. I’m always up for new and neat neat info like that.

is it shark week already? :wink:


it was actually 2 shows back-to-back. i don’t recall the name of the first, but the second was called “Surviving the Great White” or something like that. it was 3 bios on people who were “attacked” by white sharks. they explored the reasons behind the “attacks”, and had some really good analysis as to the sharks’ behaviorial patterns. they talked about the sharks being territorial, and paralleled the way that the shark attacked 2 people in oz to the way a shark fends off other sharks hunting for food in the same area. then they talked about some kid in south africa who had his leg taken clean off by a white shark in shallow water. the water was murky that day, and they concluded that the shark was just “feeling out” what this “unknown object” was in the water. shark came right up on the guy, gave a little test bite on the leg, and it severed. then the shark figured out that he wasn’t food, and left him alone. 4 days later, the leg washed up on shore. obviously not a predator/prey “attack”. then, they had another guy who was diving in california. he was repeatedly mauled by this shark. it managed to get itself latched onto his air hose, and the shark couldn’t get around on him. the shark dove down a couple times, and took the guy with him. ultimately, the shark cut through the air hose, and the guy was loose in the water again. the shark kept coming at him, but this time he managed to get back in his dive boat. his crew pulled him up, and he didn’t have so much as a scratch on him. total kraziness, man.

the first show focused more on the research aspect of things, and talked about how the theories of white shark behavior have changed over the years. they were conducting some experiments off seal island, in “the ring of death”. they were dragging a fake seal behind the boat, testing the different ways that the sharks attacked it. some did the fast dive from below, hitting the target and flying all the way out of the water with it…it was wild. other sharks took a more angled attack, coming out of the water a bit, but not like the vertical attack. still, others made a totally lateral attack, hitting the target right from the side and taking it down. they made note of the fact that most of the attacks were focused on the seal’s tail end…instantly disabling the seal. it was really interesting stuff, and had some totally badass video footage. if you ever happen to be channel surfing, and come across either one on the discovery channel, i definitely recommend catchin’ the show. as for shark week, i don’t know when it starts.

also, i’m pretty sure it was the discovery channel, but it may have been animal planet…i watch both of them constantly.