Small single fin quiver

This is my small single fin quiver excluding some old classics from the early seventies. Variety is the spice of life.

Nice stash of Boards-! What are the third and Fourth from the right, are they McCoys as well? Add a pic of those early 70s Boards , if you get the chance- Always like to see Quiver Pics!-


is that a small quizer of single fins,

or a quizer of small single fins :slight_smile:

(seems like the use of small is questionable in either case :slight_smile:

Nice quizer, what are the size ranges of your boards.


from left to right ( I am doing this from memory) 5’10’’ Greg Pautsh shaped orignial no nose single fin replica of Cheyne Horan’s first Magic Mccoy he called “this is the one”. 6’8’’ zappy type board from my old surf shop, 6’10’’ zap by Steve Forstall, 6’6’’ Greg Pautsh shaped origninal no nose double bump zap for my weight, 6’8’’ (blue checkered) Geoff Mccoy Nugget (magic) 6’6’’ Cheyne Horan double ender (shaped by Steve Stack) pig. dyed rail cut 17x23x18, 7’2’’ Cheyne Horan Cheater (7’1’‘x 17 x 22x 15.5 ) 7’2’’ Geoff Mccoy Nugget (named "the wild one by Geoff himself and the best surfboard I have ever ridden in 27 years)

14.5 x 23 x 19, 8’ Geoff Mccoy nugget (red one with checks) I will post the old singles later.

With all the talk of measurements and such, thought you guys would like this variety. What is a quizer? Maybe I will post the twin fins next and the few thrusters I have left.


Nice collection Rob. I was influenced. Imagine all those boards good points, rolled into one.

Private Message for you, Solo.

Nice boards. Now all we need are some detailed pictures of the bottom contours of those boards… :wink:

If I ever buy a board again, it will be a McCoy.



Very nice boards. Would love to see the twins posted…