Small wave board

I read in a post here that your wide point, should be 2" behind center for a small wave board. Is this correct ? I just started shaping my first board (Shaped a couple boards 20 years ago) I used the JC Dvd for reference and he didn’t mention this. Thanks, DR

No hard and fast rule, it really depends on kind of feel and snappy turns you want in your board, what the overall length is compared to YOUR height and stance width, and what you like as far as natural trim and rail line at speed.

It’s not a BAD idea, but some shorter boards, like under 6’, might need more rail line than WP back 2" for holding power and directional stability on walled up waves.

Ive been trying my wide point back round 7’’ form center with good results most of my riders seem to like it i really havent tried anything futher back .