small wave board

whats the best small wave board? in your opinion?

a longboard

how small is small ,how small can you crawl

do you accept the glide if you ride in the shadow of the obtuse

A small wave board is still a quite broad application

does the wave dictate a turning stylus?

a long shot pointer ala el pronisario?

the finest small wave board is specificly tuned

to access the moment of communion with the wave of choice

?what wilst thou chose from the menu ?

let us whip you up the wave disecting tool worthy of the ultimate Gaia oyster bed at high tide spinning we softly with a song…ambrose…

trans- scholasic interveeners wish conciousness only the best

and use only the finest ingredients,surely sharing waves is a priority…one might add,in light of possible negative alternatives


Beautiful, little, long, point, weak, waves IE. The Pass OZ higher tide = Longboard preferably Single fin.

Messy crappy yuckness = Mat.

Perfect rippable small point IE. Superbank when small = Fish.


For me the best board is a lis/style fish I made last year. It hade single to double concaves,flat out the tail. I was impressed on how this board could muscle through sections and in bigger stuff it could hold a very high line.

It was made of extruded foam, no stringer. Very light.

To bad it got over heated and blew up like a balloon.