small wave carnage ....

10 minutes ago…a knock at the door , a groggy voice says ,

“ben , can you have a look at this for a sec ?”

… deja vu …

[not for the faint hearted okay? …so , they are attachments …look at your own peril ]

my neighbour Greg , home after an after-work surf…

…don’t lots of injuries happen in ankle to waist high surf , eh ? [that’s how I did my head in[jury] , on my birthday at lanno this year]…

Bloody aussies!..

hahahahahh…ouch !

[it’s always “funny” , till it happens to US , eh ??]



…don’t lots of injuries happen in ankle to waist high surf , eh ? [that’s how I did my head in[jury] , on my birthday at lanno this year]…

Same thing here. around here it’s partly because there are so many rocks i nthe water near the shore. On bigger days they are on the inside, on smaller days the are just in your way.

A friend of mine got a nice gash at the top of his head when he decided to do a sumersault kickout an a small day. Not the best idea in knee deep water when the bottom is covered with cobblestones.




that is not a good look

hers a reminder of how not to look when you go to meet your girlfriends parents

Around here, most injuries on tiny days when you’re careless, fooling around, and your guard down. 1-3’ is the most dangerous, unless it’s breaking on the outer bars, then it’s OK deep water.

knee to waist high at the biggest-spinning down the point in thigh to knee high water, sand bottom.guy gets sawed off at the knees and hits bottom.wham! walks up, says i think i am hurt.lay him down, stabilize his neck and visible signs of damage.doc said if he rode to the hospital in anything other than an ambulance, ie, sitting sraright up in a car, he would have died as the nerve that controls breathing was a hair off from getting completely pinched off, in which case he would have died instantly and nothing could have been done to save him. he ended up in a huge halo structure for a longggg time.glad to say he made a full recovery and is surfing again.

life is a terminal disease

care and treatment

or the organism

in which we live

is finite.

blood causes public intrest

when on display

blood production

can be regulated

as with blood loss

the aging organism

has a tendency to appreciate

conservative attitudes.

Headlong leaps into

the void are best reserved

for zero gravity.

as with george of the jungle

watch out for that tree.

catagory for chronic injured

Rock Hunter,lesser known

actor under contract to metro

goldwin mayer/united artists


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