Small wave groveler/fish

Hi guys,

i have been planing to shape a board my self for a while now, and since i found some spare time and money i want to start soon.

i already built a few hws but its probably a hole different story.

Because its missing in my quiver and i like surfing small waves, too, i want to build a board similar to the SUPER FLING GT.

Since it is just to much to learn how to build a surfboard at once, i decided to pick knowlage up as i go along.

what i want you guys to tell me, is if this could work; 

What kind of blank to order would be my next question.

Thank you guys

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never heard of that model, but i have madde several small wave grovellers with a bunch of success.

im not sure if its easy to search my threads but if you can there are a bunch you can look at, i will try and link them later.

search “sunnycomfort” or “sunny comfort” or skatement speedboards on facebook for easy reference.

ill find links for the sways threads later today.

if you are keen to buy a blank maybe a kneeboard blank or several other options, ring the blank company and ask them.


If I was making it, I’d lower the rockers a touch… But that’s me.

You can get it out of 5’10rp or 6’2a - usblanks 

That said if it was my first board I’d use the rocker in the blank and focus on a clean plan shape and rails. I also wouldn’t focus on hard numbers but smooth transitions. 

Good advise.  1/16ths are not realistic for the first few (lots) of boards.  Think about about how the water will flow…  Smooth transitions are the key.

thanks guys,

i figuered all my measurments would be more like guidelines.

How about the thickness in the tail? i read somewhere it should be 1 5/8 on a modern fish?

iam 6´1 with 165lbs and an average surfer. Would be nice if i could sink the tail.


On the greenlight website i read its better for the first board to be EPS, do you agree?

I do have experience glassing with Epoxy, how is it different glassing with polyester?