Small wave quad template

I’m looking to shape a quad for small waves and I need a template. I’m only 115 lbs. so i think i can go as short as 5’2" or 5’4". I tried making one on AKU Shaper but when i make the length 5’2" it says i have to delete a slice and i don’t know how to do that. Just wondering if anyone already had a template made that you could send me. Gonna be my second board and im stoked to get started! Thanks

There are 2 menus for slices,click on the lower slices menu first,then click on the nose of the board.Then go to the slices menu at the very top,click,then click delete slice.

You can also download a picture from your computer to the aku program,and work your outline to get the template.

I’m 5’8" @ 143lbs I made & rode boards like this all last summer. 5’4 x 19 x 2-1/8

if you’re interested in the outline let me know I’ll send you my .brd file (boardcad)

PM me your email address. ill send a template from boardcad.