small wave rocker?

Hey Everyone!


Could you give me some input on the rocker for my next board? I have attached a picture from BoardCad. It’s supposed to be a board for rather small waves. Pretty wide 6’1" but rather thin as I want it too flex. It’ s going to be a compsand with 3mm corecell skins over 1# EPS.

not sure if you can read the numbers

nose rocker sligty under 4"

ofon 0,93"

Tail 1,99"

ofot 0,73"

4 and 2 are what I use on my fish… a little more nose rocker if I add some flip. Keep in mind your planned bottom contours… vee, ect… when plotting tail rocker. Is your apex +1" or just my eyes failing…?

i think it looks good satch. i have a couple boards w/ similar rocker and they work great

Hey Wouter!


Thanks for your detailed answer. Guess I should have given you more information.

It’s not going to bee a real hp shortboard. My plan is to build a rather fishy shape with full nose and straight and wide tail around 16". Only the foil and rocker were supposed to go into the performance direction. So a little more rocker and a thinner foil. Skin thickness is included within the 2.25".

Going for a rail quad set up


Build schedule: 1-1.5#  EPS core (not sure what I can get for cheap here in Germany), Divinycell Rails ,corecell or airex skins, 4oz over and under, perhaps some carbon in the front to get the most flex from the tail.

Would like to build a board with a bamboo deck, but couldn’t find any reasonable priced bamboo here in Germany. Do you have a good source in NL, wouter? As I’m only 5 km away from the boarder it should be easy to get some from there.



Howdy Satch,

What are your dimensions? How good do you surf? What waves you wanna ride?

I can only speak for myself:

  • 2 inch tail is pretty low for a hp surfboard, i made a 6ft12014.8 tail with 5 inch nose + 2 inch tail rocker with single to double

The board flies! over 1-2 feet waves, but once the waves get a little higher, say shoulder and above [i am 6ft1 1m89] it has a harder time turning

btw i set the fins 3.5+11 off tail, aimed 1.5 inch perpedicular to the nose [to the side] and set fins at 7degrees relative to bottom concave

My advice if you are my size:

add 2.25 to tail, make nose rocker 5 inches

do single concave and 19.5-20 wide, but make tail a tad wider too: 15inch or so, if you want a little more release from the tail because it is so wide, add a swallow or moon tail.

BTW if you want flex, decrease thickness throughout the last 18 inches in tail and nose more than you did.

Is the thickness of 2.25 you ultimate thickness? If not, then take out more thickness down to 1.8 1.9 inch, then add the 6 mm corecell. If you do this, have a more flat deck too, dont roll the deck too much, you want to keep as much volume as possible in this shape that is so thin because you want the flex.

What is your proposed laminate schedule? Corecell will break down in high wear areas eventually with such a ligth core, you know, the corecell will flexalot, then break down. Maybe a wood skin on the deck is better, say bamboo, but then add thickness again

aaah, building boards is great

show us pictures, too little build threads… for the bamboo

if that fails, i can help out too, but i rather build boards!

good luck with the project

an oh: try R und G, R&G online shop, they got shitloads of good surfboard build products.


so it seems I’m not totally off there. guess i’ll keep it like it is.

yeah nj, apex is a little in front of the nose. not sure if that’s right but i looked good and i thought it wouldn’t hurt as the wide point is also  up front.



of course i know R&G. bought some stuff there. they really have a great product range. unfortunately they are pretty expensive. for standard glass and epoxy there are other suppliers that are a little cheaper

Howdy S, 

Where do you buy your resin?

and the fibres? apparantly there is a distirbutor of that hyped fibre in germany, innegra


Howdy right back ( is Scheveningen the wild west of NL)

I buy my stuff here

It’ a cheaper than R&G and have pretty much everything you need. But haven’t bought anything other than standard lam epoxy, glass cloth and some vacuum materials( air weave, peelply…)

Have never tried to use Innegra or any other fancy high performance materials. Got  some really heavy (>600g/m²) carbon multi axial stuff for free. Trying to mold some fins with it. If I’m succesfull i would post some pics from the  next build.

The board I started this thread for won’t be started until May. Have another one to finish and then to surf. 

Just thinking about rocker because I have the idea to get the rocker jigs for hot wiring cut by laser.  Should give me the exact curve I want.

SO back on track here: Could this rocker be succesfully transferred to other small wave boards in the around 6’ range?