Smaller size twin fins

Question on twin fins for a small female riding a performance style twin.

I find that the sizes of twin fin sets, as well as 2+1 are a bit too big for me and don’t go well. I always end up using my boyfriends large fins instead, however those are not enough hold….

Can anyone suggest something in between? I still haven’t tinkered with shaving down some old fins, but that’s my next venture if I can’t find a solution.

May want to check out some of the twin fins made by wake surf companies. Those are usually smaller than even the smallest surfboard twin fins.

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I will, thank you!

I don’t know if it’ll work, but could you call one of the smaller fin companies (True Ames, 101 fins) and ask them to make you a smaller set? That way it works with your fin boxes and you’re truly getting something that work for your height/ weight/ waves.

contact Naked Viking Surf or NVS fins, if you contact the guys they have been known to make custom fins, As in, contact Raith and or Jamon. and explain your situation they may be able to make an MR template at like 80% size?
they use G10 epoxy laminate material.

Definitely worth a try.

Doesn’t NVS have their fins made in China? Most of True Ames too except for their Volan.

Definitely go with a local fin maker if you’re going to get some custom made. Otherwise, it would just take forever for you to finally get the product in your hands.