Snake Oil?

Has anyone seen these? U.S East Coasters take note; Bull Shark testing.

It’s a great gimick because the chance of being attacked by a shark is very low so claims of being a shark deterence  would be hard to evaluated. 

fresh water wave pools are more of a sure thing for being shark proof,but the necrotizing fasciitis from the brown trouts expelled from the surfers could be a problem.


How’s this for conclusive evidence of it being a total scam:

What’s the likelihood of getting bitten by a shark? Now what’s the likelihood of getting bitten by a shark wearing a shark repellent bracelet? Pretty rare indeed.

The worst part is they were sponsoring ESA contests, and preying on surf moms irrational fear of sharks and selling these things like hotcakes to groms moms.

Man - that Necrotizing Fasciitis can really mess with trying to get a tan ! Always use SPF50 or greater.

I actually use a Shark Shield, which is a bigger device, possibly more effective than the wrist and ankle devices.  It’s actually designed to stimulate the surfer through constant jolts every time you grab our board, lol. It may or may not work.

But I’d feel really bad for myself and family if I got hit by a shark and had not taken reasonable steps to prevent such an occurence.

As for the article. Black tip not regarded as highly dangerous to humans. Probably bad luck landing on or close to the shark while it was feeding, more than being stalked by the shark. .

The electrical anti shark devices are purported to work over a couple of meters/yards, but not necessarily keep sharks out of the area. Moral is, devices may work best when you are sitting or paddling out, but likely to be less effective when you are riding a wave or falling off.



Need to worry more about killer bees, automobile accidents, and lighting stirkes than a shark attack.


This thread hit very close to home for me because I was literally about to take my family to the spot where that kid was bit for a few days of fun.  We went, and had a lot of fun, but half my brain is on alert any time we’re in the water.

Then yesterday, I’m with my 10 year old daughter at Sebastian Inlet, and not 20 feet from us a 2 to 3 foot long shark partially breeches chasing a fish around.  Not a big deal.  Nobody freaks.  We take it as a good time to grab a drink and move up the beach a bit.  Definitely has me thinking more about this stuff, though.  The science sounds to me like it has some merit, but I dunno. 


The Sharkbanz are useless nonsense. No effect on Great Whites or Bullsharks.

The Shark Shield device actually works, but the electric shocks that the surfer has to suffer are quite unpleasant and not conducive to a relaxing surf experience.