So. Cal Shaper - Twinzer/Quad

Can someone suggest a good shaper in LA or Orange County who has a lot of experience shaping twinzers and/or quads? Thanks in advance.

Sorry - that should’ve read “Ventura, LA or Orange County”. Thanks.

Larry Mabile… Orange county I think??..ask around the better surf surfer friendly board shops up there they would know.

Larry is in San Diego, in Pacific Beach, but he’s the guy I’d go to for a twinser.

Thanks for the help. I actually have a friend who knows Larry Mabile fairly well but I would still prefer to find someone a bit closer to LA. The problem I am having is that I can’t find anyone who seems to understand the setup well enough to want to shape a board for me (or, I find someone who claims to understand the setup but when I start asking basic questions it becomes clear that they are simply trying to get extra business and really don’t have much experience with the setup). I have been playing around with the twizer setup for about 1.5 years now with varying results. One board worked like magic, one board was a dog and one board was in between. The weird thing is that the “magic” board was the first one but I must have somehow failed to replicate the fin setup correctly on boards #2 and #3 because neither worked as well as #1 (boards #2 and #3 were slight variants of board #1 with progressively more nose rocker and narrower outline for hollower waves). At this point I am more interested in getting a twinzer that works like the magic board (but has an outline more suited for hollow waves) than continuing the twinzer “experiment”. Lots of moving pieces and the more I try to figure them out the tougher it gets…


Larry is in San Diego, in Pacific Beach, but he’s the guy I’d go to for a twinser.

Dang Nabbit…I ment to say Wil Jobson. He is in the Huntington Beach area… He is definitly the one I’d go to for a Twinzer if I didn’t make my own

If you’re closer to Ventura County I would try Klaus Jones. He makes beautiful fish and is very familiar with designs for hollow beach breaks. Not sure if he’s doing twinzer or quads though. Could be worth the effort.

Sr Pato