So many shapes! Please help me pick one for #2

Hey Folks

I would really like some ideas for #2 (Epoxy over EPS, probably self made marine ply fins). I have been through the resource section + many shop sites and there’s just so much choice and inspiration.

#1 is a 6’2" x 22" x 3" Keel Fish…a little clumsy on rails but overall i did OK and i am happy with it. My surfing was less than average before i started surfing this and has come on a fair bit, saying that i am still very average.

The board has highlighted alot of things i like so that’s a good place to start…

1: I like the idea of a longboard but don’t like the idea of all that length.

2: I’m not a lip bashing vertical kinda guy. I love the feeling when i’m gliding along the face but would love some agility in the board if needed.

3: I want more rocker than the fish i have. I have to really arch my back to stop the nose digging in when the wave starts to push.

My local break is a beach break that, like anywhere’ ranges from 2ft slop to overhead. We get more average days that classic and it closes out when it get’s too big (and it’s a bitch of a paddle out (well i think so), one of the reasons i don’t want too much board)

I am also 6ft and 190-200 lbs.

Anything considered really but if anyone can relate to the above and suggest a nice shape with plenty of wave count that would be even better.

(NB: i have entertained a 6’ x 22" x 3" Quad, 6’8" x 21" Bonzer, an 7’ X 22" Egg…aaaaarrrghhhhh my head starts to swim :slight_smile: ).

Cheers Guys


an egg shape with a nice rounded pintail.

i don’t know much about dimensions on them.

my friend has a super fun funshape board with a nice rounded pintail. it’s 7’4 x 23 x 3 i think. singlefin.

maybe keep it at 22" wide and just play with the length. somewhere in the mid 7’ range sounds fun to me. ohh. and make in a singlefin. :slight_smile:

have you played at all with akushaper?

, jeremy

Check out the Evo Fun Series by wayne lynch. I really like his boards and there are a few in the Fun Series that sound like exactly what you’re looking for. Look at the 7’5 and 7’10 Evo Funs, and look at the Double Enders, too. Here’s the link…

Good Luck!

Hi Wal2

I’m a similar size to you and started off with a similar first project - loved it so much that I’ve not stopped making retro inspired baords ever since - I find they just work for me - I love volume -I don’t surf vertical - I get excited by 70’s surf movies etc etc etc…

I have just made a bonzer - 7’2" - may still be on the home page but you should be able to find it on the resources section…check it out. I’ve been surfing it this week at home on my local reef in sucky waves - really walled up - upto about 5’ - more than solid enough for me and the board just flies - I’ve never ridden anything so fast or that hols into steep waves so well. It doesnt have a great deal of rocker but my local break here in porthleven is far from gentle but the volume and length allow me to get in early…which lets me get away with a flatter board.

I also surfed it on a 3’ beeck break last weekend - really fast walled up wave and it flew - topto bottom turns all the way with real ease! Downside - so much spped that you really have move your foot right to the back of the board before you can even think about a cut back…but I guess that can be changed by simply sliding the centre fin forward.



Godammit! LOL :slight_smile:

I had made my mnd up on an Egg but i really like the look of your Bonzer…what are the dimensions 1’ from the Nose and Tail?

It looks very sweet indeed.

Do have any side on pictures showing the rocker?

I’d be interested in knowing what the rail profile is like from nose to tail…


I have done 4 boards start to finnish (shape, glass, set fins and polish)

I used to let others help

#1 6’ kids board thruster fin boxs (poly with paint)

#2 10’ longboard with veneer bottom and deck with pin lines and 2+1 boxs (eps and epoxy)

#3 8’ 6" retro gun with veneer B & D and pin lines, glass on fin (poly)

#4 6’ fish with resin smeer bottom with cut lap on deck and resin swerl deck with quad fin boxs (poly)

My point is to tell you to not be afraid to make a longboard or whatever you want

all my boards came out dam nice for a beginner and they all work good too!

go for it!

Hi Wal - I’ll get some measurements and addtional pics sorted out for you -will post them as soon as I get chance - surfed it again this morning and one again I wasn’t dissappointed - and the wave count keeps going up - sounds like it could be a good number 2 after all!



My Father would say, “make what you want to make”, My mother would say, " make a fish and make it better even perfect"

I say, Its your call.

Why decide between a bonzer and an egg?

Bonzer egg:;jsessionid=a7sLGC2GA3Vf?id=164

7’ egg… maybe something like a bing “good karma”.

I’m really liking the blue Bonzer Egg on this post