so, not a design related question...but......i want to see some pics from the west coast

so i have been sitting here on the lake atlantic hearing about all this epic surf on the west coast and i would like to see some of the pics you swaylockians have taken or found…seen a little bit so far but not enough

Local beach, 12-16’, breaking 3 miles out on the outer bars, WSW onshore winds 10-18mph, whitecaps as far as you can see, 55 degree water, same air, been cloudy and rainy for 6 days now.

LeeDD, when you wrote something about lefts off pedro point the other day I thought to myself, “what’s he talking about? it often breaks out there, what’s the big deal?” Then I went out to the point and watched for a while and realized, “oh shit, he meant WAY out there”. Nice show. Haven’t seen it break that far outside the point for quite a while. There were some waves outside the end of the pacifica pier as well. But overall, this swell has just had too much weather with it for us up here in nor cal.

Nice warm sunny day early Thursday predicted. Swell size just about right, direction a little on the closing side, but should be rideable there.

Wonder how many takers?

Bud from Inverness emailed me about Pt.ReyesLighthouse, the N side, where you gotta climb down the cliff for an hour to get to the beach. Lefts wrapping in on last weeks W swell, bottom holding it easily, channels good, two guys out.

Swell has shifted more northerly, and winds today were side on there, so it’s over.

But I know some guys, who like to drive and hike, will be looking over the left opposite Dillon tomorow and Friday.

maybe miki dora’s prediction that california had been in 200 year(as of the mid 60’s) storm slump and that all the points and reefs were set up for much bigger surf is coming true?

I caught Malibu on Big Wednesday, a couple feet overhead on sets, real consistent, crowd was circulating, everybody seemed happy. My best surf this year. Went this week- nothing, but our local beaches have been holding on the AM high tides. For some pics go to