so, Wildy .....

…how is life in San Diego treating you mate ?

getting some good waves lately ?

riding any interesting designs ?

…how about “inline fins” …have you made any for your board[strike]


…have you surfed with any of the San Diego “swaylockians” yet ?

might be nice for them to surf with an Aussie , perhaps , and to check out your boards …(and vice versa , of course !)

cheers Greg !


Hey Chipper, haven’t surfed that many places yet, and I’m not the social butterfly, more like the fly on the wall.

I’m getting my fin moulds sent over so I’ll make you a more indestructable set this time.

And I’ll post pics when I eventually make myself a board.

Waiting for autumn (fall over here) swell, they tell me it’s good.

if you get a chance, slide on up to San Clemente, about 45 minutes north of you. shoot me a pm if you need a surf buddy or want to drink beer and talk surf…

thanks for the reply , Greg !

that’s great about your fin moulds too !



thanks for that offer to chats ,

…anyone want to go to san diego and keep an aussie company in the water ?