So you can shape?

I was going to post on another thread but needed to do this

so it was out there first.

Go to the Industry section and read the posts by American Surf Industries

a la SurfDing. He has a lot of materials and pre-shapes for sale that are first quality.

#1: Help out a fellow shaper that is creatively moving on in spite of the economy.

#2: Stop posting about how you did so and so and get a pre shape and really do

so and so!

#3: Learn how to glass, hotcoat, airbrush, streak, swirl, etc. on a board that costs

less than a plain blank from any foam company and post your results, good, bad or indiffernet

here and tell us what you did, helping out the new kids.

#4: Stop posting about recycling and actually do something about it by making a board

out of dow eps (blue foam) that surfs like pu and lasts twice as long from a super cheap block.

#5: Take a pre-shape, cut out the stringer, add a middle glue line, cut in perimiter stringers,

glass with epoxy and make a board that will be the envy of the next Sacred Craft!

Anyway, check out Surfdings stuff and buy something and support a bro!!


good idea mate

i scored about 23 poly preshapes for next to nuthin

glassin practice

just did one in resin research and it looks good

gunna try some swirls next

Just wanted to bump this up for a couple reasons.

I just got back from surfdings shop and grabbed 8 blanks for myself to mess around with, dirt cheap. The guy hooked me up big time. I wish I had a bigger truck and more money to spend. You guys should really head up there not only to get some sweet stuff but to also help a brother out. Would be a darn shame for SD to have to throw all of that stuff out. If I can I am going to try and get up there again before he throws the stuff out.

Come on guys…get some!


If I could shape, I’d have a website, so obviously, no.


Don’t know what you are refering to, I wasn’t

mentioning a website.

Since you have great glassing skills (I’ve seen um)

do you have a site?

I was just trying to help out a fellow swaylockian

downsize and close up shop with a little bit of cash in

his pocket.

I don’t have a website and have only hand shaped around

2100 boards or so and only glassed a little more than

half of those so I guess I’ll have to wait until I get a cool

logo or something! LOL


Thanks Clair for comming by.

Hopefull by next week-end I will clear out everything

My pleasure SD. Thanks for hooking me up brother. I can’t wait to start working on the blanks I got from you.

Thanks for being so cool and sharing so much info with me.