soft spots on my board

Hi all. I have owned a 9’6" ricky carol for going on 6 years now. Over the years it has taken a beating but not too bad. It has some smaller dings that have yellowed over time, I have fixed some of the biggest ones but not all. The other day I was going through my spring ritual of cleaning off all the wax built up over the winter. As I was doing so, I noticed some MAJOR soft spots on the deck. Press down on the glass and it felt like there was nothing under there…like the foam just deteriorated. But on closer inspection there arent any dings at those soft spots or at least i couldn’t see any. I flipped the board over, and the soft spots don’t coincide with any yellow spots on the bottom. There may be some spidering but it was hard to tell in the light. I cannot for the life of me, figure out what caused these soft spots. I have tried to think of every possibility, sitting on the baord, roof racks, heat…but have no idea. Any one have any idea? Not that it matters, and its hard to guess without seeing it. Is the board a wash? The soft spots are substabtial in size, and it would probably cost me a lot to have them cut out and filled. I am going to keep riding it, its my only board, and I can’t afford a new one.

delamination? Where on the deck are they and how many?

Hmm thats what I was thinking. I only noticed two spots on maybe half way up on the right hand side…two pretty big spots. Doesn’t seem like a delam though because it feels soft under the glass, like the foam is just giving away when i push on it. Doesn’t seem to be a noticible bubble, crack or anything. I’m bummed because I really dig the board and can’t pick up a new one right now.

It’s possible you place most of your weight on your right knee/foot while knee paddling. No worries, I think you should be able to repair it. It might require some more cloth over the foam in those areas. After you remove the glass and add a couple layers of 4oz, seal it up with a new coat of resin. If the foam is extremely soft as you’re describing you may want to go as far as removing the soft foam and replace it with either some shaped foam or q-cell/cabosil. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the repair yourself, take it to a ding dr.

ghunt, That 9-8 I had mentioned to you will need a minor repair if you wanted to try it out. In 5-6 foot unusually powerful Malibu yesterday,I managed to snap 2’ off the nose. Broke very clean. Are you local and do you do repairs? Roger

Hi Roger, 5-6 Malibu yesterday??? No problem on the repair, only I don’t have any pigment in stock if you want a color match. If it’s clear, no worries. In the sweltering wasteland of Burbank. Send me an email

Ah! Quadruple overhead while lying down…gotcha.