Soft Top Repair

For a long time now that I have been reading and learning a lot from this forum.

It is so complete that I haven’t needed to ask anything so far, all the answers are here already. Except one!


I just got from a client about 10 soft top surfboards.

They belong to a surf school, therefore, it’s almost impossible to describe how the damage was done! They simply appear!

Please take a second and look to the pictures below because I have no idea if I’m able to discribe the following problems:

  • ultra soft sponge nose and tail (black things) come off from the board.

Epoxy does not work because it creates a hard surface and it lasts only for 1 day.

Some kind of glue? Does it work with the polystyrene foam?

  • They lost the tail soft pad (black rail thing) in a couple of boards, from what can I replace them?





Thank you for any help.


My friend’s wavestorm had a massive fin gash on the deck after being run over by a friend he cut off. We just let it dry out, threw some gorilla glue in the crack, and let it dry overnight. It’s been about three years now and its still holding up fine…seems watertight (definitely enough for lesson boards).


That was my problem exactly, which glue to use! If it lasted for three years with sand, sun and salt water it is an amazing result.

I’ll definitely try that. Thanks.