SolarEZ EPS ZeroVOC UV-Cure Epoxy Resin -Cost aside, anyone have any comments or experience with this resin? (this is ideal for cold/wintertime production, might try it with n-fusion plys). 

RR X-55 is ideal for shortening cold weather epoxy cures, but when you’re dealing with cold sunny days, man, this is tempting to simply toss it in the sun and move forward in minutes as opposed to hours or usually the next day (in my case)…

While we’re on the topic, I have a gallon of SolarEZ dual cure. Works great, currently living in an area with a high UV index, cures are bone dry, seem to sand decent without loading. Do I need their sand/gloss-specific formulations if my cures are turning out dry? Sanding between coats necessary with dual cure?

Appreciate it.