Some fishy water shots from a couple of weeks ago

Thought you guys would dig some shots of a quad fish in action!!

Clicky clicky

thanks heaps for those , Jim !! Great stuff …nice to see someone surfing !

I LOVE these two shots…

… have you got any more shots of "LeeDD’’ [oops …I mean you !] “ripping” , mate ?

cheers !


…also , tied in with the “quad fin placement and templates” type thread we got going here at present , can I please see a shot of the bottom of that board [on dry land ] , or a closeup water shot of you / LeeDD doing one of your famous “I’ll rip on chip’s head” [wank wank] airs on it …whichever you prefer mate , I’m easy going.

Hey Lokbox,

My buddy is looking at a speed dialer. Any pictures of the fin set up you use?

No worries!

thanks HEAPS Jim !

tell me , have you ever ridden that board with "conventional " fins , too ? [if so , how did it go ?]

what do you prefer about the canard setup , mate ?

[we don’t really see them here in Oz , which is why I wanted to try out that setup on my recently made li’l fishy .]

What size is that board you’re riding in the shots , and can I see the whole bottom outline , please ? [is that your double winger , more pulled in swallowtail board , Jim ?]

okay … cheers for your help !


I’m looking for it chip…

had these pics on file…

That’d be the board…and the fins. Thanks cherokee!!