Some help pretty please

hi all well i took the first step of making my first board today as i have just bought the blank today. i have decided that i am going to make a twinny but i really am not to sure of what dimensions to use i am 187cm and 71kgs any info would be great thanks

Good stuff! well for your size/weight and the style you surf i’d reccomend a 6’4" 19 3/4" 2 3/8" twinnie with a template simaler to MR’s off the wall board.

others may say go smaller but i reckon for you the 6’4 would be the go. I like my 6’2" much more than the shorter twinnies i’ve tried for our waves.

by the way. wide nose and 14" tails work nicely too!

you’re 16 , 6’2 3/4" and 156lbs [11 stone 2lbs]

…what size is the blank you bought , Shaun ?

how wide [nose and tail measurements too , please ?]

…I’m guessing you might have bought a thruster blank , yes ?



hi ben ok the blank is 6’6’’ x 26’’ x 3’’ the nose is 20’’ and the tail si 20’’ hope this helps

oh and the blank is a fish blank

aha !

…maybe a 6’4 quad fin , then ?

cheers !