Some New Resin Work

For the fans of resin work here is some that i have been working on lately.

Austin S.

nice !! thanks, I need to see stuff like that …get the mind ticking a bit !!

I’d like to have a go at some of that soon…I’ll practice on some scrap foam first, I think.

That twin wood keel fish with the two trailers looks interesting Austin…have you surfed that ?


beautiful work Austin…how do you get that marble look?

Nice stuff…I like that wood keel fish with the removable quad set up. How’s that go?

Hey guys the quad hasn’t been ridden yet. I will be sure to let you know how it rides.


There was a huge string on how i do my resin tints a few weeks ago. Try searching Resin tint or Marble swirl.

Austin S.

Hey guys,

I finally rode my quad fish. It rides AWESOME. I never thought i would like riding such a short board, but i do.

I have been soley riding that lately. Nothing like getting re-stoked on surfing. Just had to change things up a bit.

Austin S.