some pics from my garage_ more boards


I´m gonna show you some pics from my garage.

I´m sorry for my poor english, I hope you can get it anyway -

see you!

Welcome VB!!

That’s a really nice fish you’ve done there, can you share the measurements, what’s the future plans for the board.

Where do you surf in Argentina?

surf pics please !!!

Thanks hicksy!!

It´s a wonderfull template from a friend that´s should be a 5.10 - 20 1/2 - 2 3/4.

Here is the point…my sister enter in my garage looking for something for “CUT” a piece of paper (i will kill her…i mean…REALLY KILL HER) and touch the board, it fall away from the racks. You can imagine the rest of the history.

Now i post some new pics of that shape…and then i will post some pics of the new board that i make from this one-

i hope you underestand what i mean…if you dont, let me now!

here the waves are small usually…but sometimes it gets cool.

Pinamar, Miramar, Necochea, Las brusquitas, Mar del plata, Cueva del Tigre, Paradise…these are some of the points that i surf generally. i will post pics…

i´m sorry herb…i think it can´t surf…snif snif…

see you!!


I post more pics about my ex-fish in a new post & I send you pics from the beach near home…

where i`m surfing is VILLA GESELL, the other pic shows two of my “loves” (…my mehari & my 6.2 rocket) in front of my friend´s house in CLAROMECO.

1 more…CUEVA DEL TIGRE point


here are some pics!