someone help this poor chap?/??

Stock surfboard sale and pulp

<div class="inf-pnl-price-detail">
										<div class="price price-highlight">
						<span class="currency notranslate">US $</span><span id="sku-price" class="value">95,000.00</span>
						<span class="separator">/</span>
						<span class="unit">  lot  </span>
			<span class="unit-disc"> 500 pieces / lot
									$<span id="sku-per-piece-price">190.00</span> / piece
		<input id="inf-txt-quantity" class="txt-quantity" maxlength="5" name="quantity" value="1" type="text"> <span id="inf-lbl-unit" class="lbl-unit">lot</span>
		<img id="inf-bnt-quantity-calculate" src="" alt="">

Shipping Cost:
US $391.56 to Australia Via EMS
Delivery Time:
5-10 days
Processing Time:
Ships out within 3 days
Total Price:
	<div id="inf-pnl-total-price" class="clearfix" style="visibility: visible;"><span class="price price-highlight"><span class="currency notranslate">US $</span><span class="value">95,391.56</span></span></div>

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**cheers huie **

I googled it.  Buy a shipload of 360 surfboards and 250 “wood pulp” (wood SUP paddles?) for $95K plus $432.77 shipping to U.S.  Kinda confusing when they say “lot 500 pieces”

They’re saying surfboards are $150 each (x 360 = $54K), paddles $48 each (x 250 = $12K), so shipping must be $29K plus $432.77 to U.S.

Surfboard sizes 5’ to 10’.

**<span>Our advantage:</span>**

We can make surfboard sample within 7days.&nbsp;We&nbsp;pay great&nbsp;attention to 

the delivery time,any orders will be finished within the time we


**<span>Competitive advantages:</span>**

1. Good communication, our sales&nbsp;people&nbsp;worked&nbsp;in&nbsp;UK before.

2. Prompt reply and response.

3. 100% manufactured by ourselves.

4. Eco-friendly

5. Reasonable price

Satisfactory pre-sale service &amp; after-sale services


T/T 50% deposit,the&nbsp;balance before the shipment or after your inspection.

Pls confirm <a id="_GPLITA_0" style="text-decoration: underline;" title="Click to Continue > by Giant Savings" href="">the details</a> with us before any order.



Pls kindly advise us the details of size, quantity, material, colors and so on. You can also call us for any questions

I'm in.  I need pulp in the worst way.  Pulp:  it's the future of things that need pulp. 

$150 sounds about right from what I’ve heard from some others who’ve outsourced.

the $25K is for the full size cargo container you’re shipping the stuff from overseas in.

been wondering what’s going to happen to all these pop up overseas industrial factories that have come about with all the outsourcing especially the johnny come latelys and any over capacity there might now be with an over saturated market of popouts especially SUPs.

one outsourced local shaper i talked to is on his third factory in a year because of manufacturing quality issues so it looks like the production market is starting eat away at itself overseas.

with apple and others now starting to come back home it may be interesting to see what’s going to have to happen to keep all these over night millionnaire/billionaire asian industrial tycoons in the green. Even high end labels like Firewire are doing discount deal with the military at the PX here.

the next bubble to pop for sure.

QS,Bong and the others outside of Nike have had their’s pop within the year

Popout SUPs are next

Craigslist is the surfshop of the coming decade

Blane was on top of it again,

ha’’ that came to me by e mail

      bit keen eh’’




** cheers huie

I’ll have 500 blue ones…1000 green ones…and 10,000 red ones !!!..all 10ft.

Anyone want to pose as a surfshop and request a “sample” before ordering a “lot”? 


Swaylocks welcome,

Quality is fine you happy joe with result finish. Order soon for happy long life time enjoyment water on slide ways board.