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was doing some sideline research on Basalt glass, Dyneema and Spherex which has intriqued me since I stumbled on this thread of Holly’s/Delbert Pumpernickle from the archives……ring=delbert;#147124

I came across this little four part article on ACM (Advance Composite Materials) construction that was surprisingly a very easy read. Way easier than than that SP document. I found Part 2 and Part 3 especially enlightening based on some of the discussions us sandwich heads have been having lately on construction.

Bert, Greg, Airframe and Terry probably know all this stuff by heart already anyway

hope the other fellow OBECALP sando heads find some meat and mayo in the material below:

Everyone else please bypass as your brain might explode with all the terminology and propeller head discussion…

anyway here you go and hope at least some of you enjoy it…

Gonna add this to my stash of reference documents on disk project I got going…

Part One:…neboog_composite.php

Part Two:

“In this segment, we will continue the investigation of ACMs by taking a closer look at specific fiber materials used in ACMs.”…og_composite_two.php

Part Three:

“In this segment, we will take a closer look at the matrix.”…og_composite_two.php

Part Four:…g_composite_four.php


a couple of timely quotes of their website I thought I’d also pass on, I really like these…

“Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think.”

  • Niels Bohr

Every morning I wake up saying, I’m still alive; a miracle. And so I keep on pushing."

  • Jacques Cousteau

Yummy, yummy!

Thanks for the hearty brain-food.

Will gobble the hardcopy up shortly.


 a good read!!      Thanks for posting!! 


Nice find! Thanks!

Part four has key information for me … . It goes into specific, principles are necessary to have high quality, better or same load bearing, durability.

Then it goes into certain stories of potential disasters. The fiberglass repair kit method is what most surfboard builders use . . . but it is low end.

With surfing, we’re always borrowing technologies. I remember in highschool, I read a story about damascus steel. The article said medieval knights and samurai would have blades that would be used to cut armor, bodies, clashing against other metals. They would retain their sharpness much longer than a standard kitchen knife, and had a certain spring and flexibility. Plus they blacksmiths back then knew how to make the blades balance. Even more so, blades would be passed down generations.

I thought that would be cool if that would come out for like airplanes or what not. But later as I learned more, I realized the steel for airplanes is not the same steel for swordplay. In fact airplanes now use composites, because for aircraft requirements, the composites are a much better match than metal.

Maybe this is off the wall, but instead of borrowing from other industries technologies, how come we don’t ever develop composites specifically geared to surfing and shaping?

Aerospace composites are developed with their needs in mind, but also with a production method suited for billion dollar budget R&D, engineers and technicians on hand. Or Epoxies for boats are developed with a certain mindset for yachts . . .

Like Greg Loehr’s resin, that was developed with surfers in mind, but with the angle of using foam as the core. How about a different core. Maybe something water proof, allows good resin bond, but doesn’t soak it in. Maybe it doesn’t need a skin even.

Maybe even getting away from the skin / core idea. Something that would be waterproof, able to be shaped with hand tools (or devices that are cheap), geared to backyarders, and be customizable. Durable, yet engineered flex / spring. Allow use of plug in fin systems and /or glasson’s or leashes.

Something you can do resin tints, airbrushes, won’t have runny paint, are light.

Even be compatible with “legacy” materials (pu/pe, eps, epoxy etc).

Or the other way is to industrialize surfing like snowboarding or skateboarding has done. But that would mean innovation is taken out of the environment that is most fruitful for that (large companies tend to have several objectives, one of them is profit driven that generally kill innovation).

I notice cerritos is composite certified hehe.

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