Something for "Chip

Ben. I thought you might appreciate these six home grown singles. platty


do they have the shaper’s names on them by any chance…was it McTavish for the ‘San Juan’ , and Bill Cilia for the ‘Nirvana’ ? [I’ve never seen a single fin Nirvana before…I guess where you live , you’d see a few , yeah ?]

…BOTTOM views now , please ?

[ie are they all glassons, or are one or two boxed ?]

cheers mate !


Hey Ben. The red bottomed San Juan was shaped by Frank Latta. No info on the other except a number on the blank.

Bill shaped the Nirvana. He has recently downsized his business and moved out of his shop and into his old glassing shop. This ment a major clean out. He gave us the single in the photo plus two other relics. It has a fin box.

All the others are glassons. Will post more photos . Need to scan some of them. to tired right now platty.

the latta-shaped Juany looks nice !

the Nirvana looks…restore job coming up ??


thanks for the pics Dave !

Hey Ben. More bottoms. This is my San Juan. The Latter was in for repairs. The Nirvana is going to be restored for Kay. The other one is a Mc Grigor that is in for a restoration. platty.

Dave, what are the dimensions on the san juan please ? [this one]…

[and, is that a fin straightening “jig” I see there ??!!]

…cheers !


Hey Ben. The dimentions for that San Juan are.

7’1 1/2" X 19 3/4" X 12 3/4" nose X 13" tail X 3" thick @ wide point.

Fin 6" base 8" high 5 1/2" from tail (trailing edge)

B or 8 7181 is written on the tail.

“[and, is that a fin straightening “jig” I see there ??!!]”

No.It is version 1 of a mould for a Safe Set fin box and fin base. I’ve got a old WM tracker with that snapped fin. I’m planning to make a glass fin then set it in the mould and mould the base around the fin. Hope that makes sence.platty.

Thanks for the dimensions Dave.

The ‘fin straightener’ I meant the heavy looking [?binocular case?] hanging off the Juan’s fin, actually…was the fin a bit warped ? [my Wilderness’ one is.]


Ben. The box in question is my “Sundstrom” resporator box. It is a handy place to store it.platty.

Hi Chip

It’s easy to tell you can’t get enough of these style boards.Maybe you can help me with a passing thought on a good looking board from Morning of the Earth?There is a slow motion segment with a kid holding his board looking out at the water,then it shows him in slow motion in the tube getting wiped out.That board looks pretty much perfect to me.Carry on.enjoy.


beep beep …hi ‘roadrunner’ !

… ‘the kid’ is one Stephen Cooney, from Narrabeen, in Sydney. The star of the movie, in terms of riding BIG uluwatu for the first time ever as a 14 / 15yo on a 5’10 squaretail single fin [!]

I think the segment you mention is probably a different board to the one he took to bali…longer, more nose rocker…I think it’s at byron or angourie. Looks almost like an s-deck to me. It’s in the ‘morning of the earth’ book, if available where you live ? Also, a miniature version of the book came with some of the dvd’s…

On a sidenote, if you can get a copy of the dvd ‘ulu32’, it’s by Steve, and features 32 years worth of indo footage from VARIOUS films…worth getting in my opinion…


ps - I also ride thrusters, twinnys, [soon…a mal!], a multi [1,2,3,4,5] finner ‘fish’, and a kneeboard. And , I hope , one day a mat …again ! So I don’t get pidgeonholed as ‘a single fin retro man’ , or something !]

Whatever works on the day…