something of interest??

it is 1.29 am est. was checking out a website called ‘whiskey militia’. listed right now - your choice of either 6’11’’ or 7’3’’ rusty surftech for the bargain basement price of…wait for it…$389.99.

this is the second listing for surftech at this price in as many days. if memory serves me correctly the listing yesterday was for a 6’3’’ bushman surftech.



all in all, that’s a good sign.

this means that no one bought that garbage off the rack and Surftech decided to

liquidate their inventory and dump it through a discount operation.

that site is great for wetsuit deals too.

just what i was thinking.


I went to the website couldnt find

wetsuits or surfboards or even search for them, very user unfriendly site.

How am I missing it?, and their sister sites are a unique model.

they buy big lots of gear from people looking to liquidate stock.

they post a single item on their site for dirt cheap…a new item doesn’t get listed until they sell

out of the current item or a certain time limit is met.

you cannot scan through past items (or are very limited in this ability).

they want you to come to their site hourly to check for new stuff.

set that bookmark and refresh often!

thanks afoaf.

Definitely not the level of involvement I want

for shopping, gambling, drinking etc.