Sorry.. Looking for San Diego Suggestions

As I didn’t do a good job planning my trip to LA this week. I thought I’d do my homework and ask for some swaylocks suggestions for shops to visit while I’m in San Diego the second week of November.

I’ve thought about trying some surfing but the coldwater/weather and pollution are giving me second thoughts. So I guess board shopping will have to do.

Kane Garden, Skip Fry’s shop, Mitch’s and Takayama’s shop are on the agenda but I don’t know of any others for some alternative shapes.

I’m not bringing any boards or wetsuits so a rental shop that does both would be nice as well…

This time I’ll have a couple of days to myself so any suggestions of places to visit and maybe some safe beaches to try would be greatly appreciated. Last time I brought my boards and went to Baja and came up empty.

Mahalo and Aloha from Hawaii

Oneula, The Takayama (Hawaiian Pro Design) Shop is nice… I like the Longboard Grotto in Encinitas, lots of nifty nic nax and stuff to look at. The upstairs part of SurfRide in Oceanside has a good selection of boards… . The water quality at most spots in SD are usually only bad right after and up to 3 days after a good rain, , The water here is always cleaner than most spots in northern upper Baja…The human waste form all those condos and homes in Mexico go’s straight into ocean water untreated. ucky poo. There are only a few clean spots that I will surf north of Ensenada… Don’t be afraid of the water here in San Diego County…

Drop by our factory in Encinitas and check out what we’re doing, 583 Westlake

stop by motion of the ocean, is a cool retro style shop within walking distance of Mitch’s, bitchin boards in there

Thanks Everyone:

Here’s my shop short list so far:

in San Diego

  • Skip Frye Surfboards

  • The Greenroom/Rainbow

  • Kane Garden

  • Southcoast

In La Jolla

  • Mitch’s

  • Bessell Surfshop

  • Rusty

In Oceanside

  • Hawaiian Pro Designs

  • Surfride

  • Also Jim The Genius’s Shop

Board and Wetsuit Rental (worth it? hate the cold and crowds)

  • Pacific Beach Surfshop

Am I looking in all the right places?


while in o’side your welcome to stop in at Real Surf ,I’m right around the corner from Donald at 1101 s. coast hwy. I’m usually there in the afternoons shaping at the store , look for the silver 58 chevy panel truck out front.

Oneula, you should definitely surf when you are in SD. There are so many quality spots there, and fall is a great time of year. Don’t worry about pollution unless its right after a rainstorm, and the water isn’t too cold, a 3/2 full-suit and you’ll be fine.

Good luck shopping. I stopped by the green room a couple of weeks ago on my way back from mexico and they had a lot of nice boards: pavel (rainbow) bonzers, fishes, quads, eggs, etc.


thanks for the suggestions in LA.

definitely dissapointed with VALs

I saw some incredible boards at the ventura surfshop. Alot of neat boards including some absolutely beautiful Campbell bonzer longboards with the winglets and a used 6’6" Clyde Beatty/Max McDonald Rocketfish epoxy that I now wish I bought. It’s too bad hauling boards on the airlines is such a hassle unless you make prior arrangements.

I’ll PM you with some other questions.

Thanks again