Soulstice Has Returned!!! (and he has questions about SANTA BARBARA)

Hi, kids… Swaylockers, and Swaylurkers…  Been a LOOONNNNGGGG time!!!


I hope everyone has some fun and exciting new projects in the works, and that the creative juices haven’t stopped flowing since I fell off the map so many moons ago.  I should have LOTS to catch up on!!!..


Anyhow, I’ll be heading west for a week this winter, and need some local knoweldge and support…  I was asked by a non-profit organization to do a program out in Santa Barbara for a small group of college kids (25 or so) from all over the country.  The program director knows how much I love surfing, and was stoked on the idea of incorporating a couple of surf lessons into the program, so that responsibility now falls on me.  For those familiar with the area, the program will be held at the El Capitan Ranch from December 20-26.  We need FIRST to locate a nice, mellow, beginner-friendly surf spot to take everyone out (probably in smaller groups of 8-10 each session); and SECOND to source some equipment – boards and wetsuits.  The DOWNside – the non-profit community has been hit hard, first by the rough economic spat we’re all facing, and then by that whole Bernie Madoff mess, and this organization was anything but immune to those ill effects.  The UPside – even though cash flow is REALLY REALLY REALLY tight, this is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and all donations are tax-deductible.  If anyone knows of anyone in the area who rents boards/wetsuits, and may be able to donate the rental time, or at least hook up a fat price break, the organization can more than make up for it with a big ol’ tax receipt (so they’ll see the return on their donation in the form of big tax savings off their 2009 tax bill).


Any and all help anyone can offer is much appreciated.


Peace, love, and grooviness…
~ Brandon.


P.S. – anyone heard from ROY lately???

I could point you towards a good mellow break that is pretty much only for novices thats about 15-20 mins from said ranch… if there is enough swell for el cap to be breaking it and the other spots in the immediate area will not be for beginners.  As for getting boards and wetsuits, id try to contact the UCSB summer rec program, they run a summer camp teaching kids to surf on foamboards, might be a good source for the boards.  Not familiar with the wetsuit renting situation unfortunately.


Who the hell is soulstice and where in the hell is Santa Barbara?  Never heard of either one. Brandon, I have a few boards you can use/have.  Wetsuits, too.  No kid suits anymore, though. I'm off that week and may come down just to shake the hand behind the keyboard. Plus,  need to return some tools to another Sway friend that direction.  PM me and let me know. Mike

Ditto on Refugio.  Right up the road and a very mellow scene.

durbs - thanks, i’ll definitely try to get in touch w/ UCSB on equipment.  good call!

herb & mc - as usual, you guys have the answer.  some things never change.  you rock!

mike - awesome… just awesome.  boards… AND suits… AND A ROOSTER!!!  come on down, i’d be waayyyyy stoked!!!


You could as the owner of Surf country if he could help w/ the boards and suits:

If you have to drive any ways how about campus point 20 minutes South of the captain or like others said Refugio which is about 10 minutes North. Good luck.


Another choice but a bit of a longer drive might be Mondos just north of Ventura.  I'd estimate a little over 30 minute drive south(?)

Most of the surf schools take their clients there.  It's about as close to Waikiki as anything I can think of except the water is colder. 

there is a spot just at the west end of Isla Vista that is pretty much the Goleta verion of mondos.  Since it will be winter break the students wont be out in force…  lots of spread out gentle peaks, even on a decent-sized day it is very beginner friendly.  much closer than mondos (which is prob 45 mins south or so).


PM me a number or a way to get ahold of you and I"ll try to make it down.Mike

A hugely collossal most righteously awesome thanks to all who’ve helped me out with this…

We’re totally set on location and transportation!

Now, I just need a final count of surfboards/wetsuits…  So for all those who have some equipment they can loan out for a few days, could you shoot me a PM to let me know precisely what and when?  Much thanks!..


~ Brandon…

To all those who have offered up some equipment, MUCH THANKS!!!

Some have inquired as to the possibility of dropping off their gear ahead of our arrival, should they happen to be passing by.  We’ve arranged with the El Capitan Canyon Ranch to have someone handle precisely that…  Soooo…  If you’ve got some stuff for us, just swing on by and ask for Terry Illiano from the Sales Dept. at El Capitan Canyon Ranch, 11560 Calle Real,Santa Barbara, CA 93117.

This is gonna be FUUUNNNNNNN!!!  :smiley: