Sound like a plan? :)

I’m making another kiteboard finally! I’ve gotten around to getting the money to pay for all my expenses.

It’s going to be a sandwhich cored board. H80-EPS-H80 with 3.7oz Eglass inbetween, and hollowglass spheres will take the place of the sidewall Divinycell since the shape is being formed through the EPS when the board is vacuumed down.

It’s going to be a 124x36cm with very sharp rails and being 5/8" thick maybe 3/4".

I’m trying to find out how to glass it… Right now the plan is, one layer of 5.7oz Carbon fiber on the bottom and 2 layers of 3.7oz Sglass ontop along with an extra thing of glass at the foot placements.

I need this board to be rather flexible at the tips, hence the EPS is going to be thinnest there. But also, do you think my outside lam layer (Carbon fiber and Sglass) will be strong enough while maintaining the flex?

I’m going to vacuum it all together at once (the sandwhich that is) then afterwords I’m going to hollow glass sphere the edges and the bottom then quickly wetout and place the Sglass on top and wrap the rails, then wetout the Carbon fiber and place it on the rocker table on top of some peel ply. So basicly I’m vacuuming the lam layers both at the same time. After they come out cured I’m going to mix some more hollow glass spheres and fill the weave. Then I’ll sand it out after it cures and paint it with some candy apple red car paint and then a car gloss coat (help here?)

I left out the inserts, fin holes, fins, for later questions, or I already know what I’m doing.

Anything anybody believes I should change? or go about a different way or add?

Did I mess anything up?

Thanks! Hopefully it turns out good, I’ll include pictures when it’s done.

I’d not bother to wrap the rails if you want flex, and that board is thin…

Just lay top and bottom, trim to about 1/2" from core, then fill the gap…done!

That allows for more flex.

You can make the board too flexy now, then add layers as needed or desired…

You using T nuts or lexan inserts for straps?

Gonna be single concave?

No concave, I prefer flatbottoms.

I don’t want to have to add extra layers of glass… that adds too much weight, I want to keep the weight down. I already made one board, basicly the same, except I used Divinycell sidewalls, and carbon fiber on both top and bottom… it’s not very flexible… but there still is some flex. I really want to wrap the rails on this one just to see what happens, but first I want a better understanding of what you meant be “ Just lay top and bottom, trim to about 1/2” from core, then fill the gap" Are you suggesting not to use EPS at all or… I’m confused, sorry.

And about inserts, I’m trying to find out. My last board I used this nylon board and then used these “slingshot” insert deals… they screw down, then instead of bolting down straps, you use a nut. I tried for inserts but it’s 15 dollars to ship! The inserts only cost .40 a piece!

How much flex would I eliminate by wrapping the rails?

And could you please explain what I quoted a little better for me?


EPS is the foam core.

The laminate is the sandwich material comprising the deck and the bottom…just lay top and bottom around the foam core, then trim the glass to 1/2" or so of the foam, then tilt board on rail, fill the hollow with Qcell and resin…

If the Slingshot inserts hold fine, use them…

Okay, sorry for still being dense, but filling the whole, do you mean after I take it out from the bag during the “sandwhiching” or after laminating it?

Oh wait, I think I understand now, but that won’t give me the rail shape I want… I don’t think at least…

The slingshot inserts suck, I gotta change them.

Even though I did ask for opinions, I’m probably going to keep the layup I have now… Just since I already ordered everything and I REALLY think this’ll work…

If it doesn’t, I’m going to take what you said into deeper consideration and give it a go…

What I said is how they lay up wakeboard style rails.

If you want tiny round, then wrapping it is the way to go, but be aware, small diameter doesn’t stay wrapped with fiberglass cloth.

Oh, the inserts don’t work? Why, do they loosen and spin? Do they hold?

T nuts need to be inserted or surrounded by a mix of glass and resin, no foam nearby.

Good luck, for sure it will work.

Well, what was used before was nylon squares I put into the board with cabosil and epoxy. Those stayed great… but! The inserts are strange. They’re just like a bolt sticking up, you use two screws per bolt to keep it into the board.

I just didn’t like how they worked and I’m going to I guess use T’s this time or sometype of inserts if I can find them. I usually cut out the foam where they go, then use cabosil to keep them in… I’ll probably use microballoons this time though.

And by the way, what is Qcell? You mentioned it on the other post and it confused me.

I may end up doing it that way this time around… I’m not sure yet though… just soaking up all the info I can get.

By the way, they’re not tiny round, they’re small (probably 1/8") sharp rails… I’ll get pics when I do it… I can’t really explain well.