source of bass wood in UK

I’m planning something rather special, and want to use some 1/4" bass wood, but an having trouble finding some. any one know a good source in the UK, I need lengths upto 10’. If not, any recomendations of a lite colours wood that would go well next to western red ceadar?


If not, any recomendations of a lite colours wood that would go well next to western red ceadar?

Balsa, samba, poplar, birch… Birch is noticeably heavier, though.

Thanks Balsa.

I can get balsa in the right thickness but only ever found balsa upto 4’, but I could use multiple pieces

Poplar and birch I can get in the right lengths but not sure I can get it in the right thickness.

I dont think wieght is going to be an issue on this one.

Proper wood other then pine is expensive other here so I can’t afford to 1" planks planned down to 1/4"

give homeblown a call they do stringers ask if they call help you out

I’ll just jump in here to say thanks Paul, I could do with ordering some stringers for eps blanks I’m cutting. Nice one!

Come on Woody, spill the beans!!!

get some pvc foam sheets from these guys i got 2 x 8x4 sheets delivered for €40 last week another place was quoting me €40 for one and i had to collect it myself

Thanks paul thats ideal.

Fatty the cat is staying in the bag till I know I can get and afford all the materials I need/want, but given my background and I’m asking what wood goes well with cedar and comes in 10" lengths I’m sure you can figure it out.


errrrrrm, is it gonna be time for another race? I’m almost done shaping my first foam board. Once thats glassed I’ll be after a new project, probably the one I’ve been planning for the last year or so. My cat is also well and truly tied up in that same bag, and not getting out any time soon.

Exchange of progress pics in order I think.

Yer mabye, I’m not sure ‘race’ is the right word, its fun to see who finished first, but I know niether of us wants to rush. bit of a case of the tortose vrs the tortose. Prize to the laziest??, Prize for the messiest workshop???

So far still trying to get quotes for the wood, thought I’d try a new saw mill but they havn’t got back to me, so I’ll see what Robins can do.

hey woody what about jellutong? ill have to measure them tomorow but we have some planks which i reckon are at least 8ft…