Sources for Gore Tex vents

I want to put a vent in one of my Surftech boards. I did some searching and saw that the Milvent product is an offshore copy the original design. Also, i don’t want to buy 50 of them. I see them for $19 on Greenlight which seems high.

So my question is what is the name of the real product and where should I be buying it?

Pete Casica sells vents and is the manufacture and supplier of vey well made one’s. Surf techs do not need a vent to include even the 1st generation models. There is an advertisement on the home page of this site for Pete Casica gortex Vents from a surf board guilders supply outfit.

Buy them retail from either FoamEZ or Shaper Supply. If you’re outside the US and if these sources won’t ship internationally, contact me direct Lots of copies around, but these are the original design using genuine Gore vents that I’ve produced since 2006.

Got one on order. Thanks.
I understand Surftech boards may not “need” a vent but I am fixing a ding on the bottom. So after the repair, the construction won’t be purely Surftech anymore but a hybrid with my repair section. I’ll do the best i can but i assume my repair section will be weaker than the rest of the board so I don’t want to stress it with pressure build-up.

Must be a huge ding.