Sourcing Rice Paper for Logos

Does anyone have an online link for rice paper?  Amazon or any other.  My source is out.


At fist glance, FoamEz seems very reasonable on the price versus quantity of sheets. I can’t tell whether they have stock or not.

My local art store carries a 15 GSM ‘rice’ (mulberry) paper for only a couple-three dollars per big sheet that I have been cutting down and running through the laser printer taped to a backing sheet. I buy this from them plus soft 6B pencils for marking on foam.

If someone has an Amazon link that’d be handy too.


Haven’t looked in a long time, but the Caligraphy paper that was sold on Amazon works fine.  I think most of it is Mulberry paper.  I’m illiterate and can’t link.  Don’t forget to try the “Glue Stick” method for attaching your paper to the Photo sheet.  Mo betta.

Calligraphy paper is my go to. I use daiso brand because we have a store locally. It was $1.50 for 100 sheets. Amazon carries it for slightly more, I linked it below. The Amazon price isn’t bad for logos, I can get more than a dozen logos per sheet. As mentioned you do have to cut it and glue it to a sheet of paper for normal printers. I use the work printer after hours and can feed a sheet in without glueing, which is nice. 

Not sure why, but if you buy 3 packs from amazon its $3 per pack of 100 instead of $6. Again its way more than you would ever need for backyard building in my opinion.

Thanks Phillipjohnw for the link.  That will prob be a lifetime supply for me.

Thanks again

50, 12"x18" sheets

Hadn’t thought about Hobby Lobby.  Good source.  They also have it in 50’ roles at 15".

I’ve been working on a tablet of this for a few years.  Works perfect.  I use spray adhesive to stick the lead edge to a piece of regular copier paper and then it runs through pretty much any printer.