Spackeled some imperfections on a poly blank....

…and was wondering if I do a resin tint, will the spackle spots show up discolored from the foam that is not spackeled? Thanks.

most likely, yes.

Yup, sorry, I just found an old thread from 2004 about this…Can’t seem to delete my post. Sorry about that!

Looks like I’ll skip the pencil artwork and just go with a nice “Safety Orange” opqaque resin tint!! LOL…No, I’m serious.

fabric inlay might be nice…


Depending on how many spackle spots correctly placed lams work wonders!



fabric inlay might be nice…

Well…um…NO. :wink:

I’m not big on the fabric thing…good thinking though. The spots are kinda spread out. I’m definitely not opposed to another opaque tint…I actually LIKE them.

artwork in the spackle? make it into a pattern that shows through the lam maybe?

seal the whole board with white acrylic surfboard paint I find it makes tint jobs easy to pull off not as much streaking do to the paint soaking into the porosity of the foam giving a primed tinting surface

Put a label over the ding

Hey Tenover,

Yeah, any imperfection in a blank shows up worse with a tint, and spackle will show up. Guys shape without so much as a grit scratch because even that will show.

However, If you do solid opaque pigment, you can get away with more evils…but only slightly.