Spackle issues - a shameful confession...Ha!

I thinned some spackle to “miracle whip” consistency, so I could get a smooth wide thin finish over some funk… It looks great, but, after two days in the shed (dry - with space heater @ 80+ degrees) some of the areas still feel a little “rubbery.”


I’ve thinned before, and not had problems with the same exact brand, so, am I just freakin’? Will it dry to the nice crispy finish I’m use to… the one I can finish with a piece of a brown paper bag?

Ok - Carry on

Aloha Taylor, There are more than 1 kind of spackles and one of them is not compatable with resin or epoxy. Right now I can’t remember the difference but check them out before buying, They are different based and it maybe one is water based and the other some kind of oil based. Wish I could be more helpful as to which is which but under the circumstances I am in right now this is the best I can tell you.Aloha,Kokua

I had the same thing happen once. I was stumped.

I think it was stinray that gave me this tip(but I have been wrong before)

It’s not about temp…it’s about moving air.

Let a fan blow over it for a couple of hours

As long as it’s not to humid it will be crispy in no time…no matter what the temp is(to a point obviously)


Thanks you guys - I was thinking the same thing about the air circulation… as my shed is pretty tight so as to keep the howling wind from blowing the water in and my heat out… Plus, we were having a brown out during yesterday’s blow… got home and the lights were flickering… I just thought, hmmm… but then my step daughter complains about her lights, and my partner says it been doing that for hours…

Kokua - Great point, fortunately this type is water based, and I’ve used it before with great results… so you can understand my consternation…