I can tell you that the “Spam-bot” struck at 3:00 AM West Coast USA time.


I deleted/killed one spammer last night and then two more this morning… getting tired of having to do this…

amen to that!

Yeah I was up suffering from “old man” syndrome. In other words; wake up to piss and can’t go back to sleep. So I click on Sways. Reply to a post or whatevah and bingo there they are. three pages worth.

It’s probably,easier to learn Mandarin. I’ll ask my grandma…

…I use Firefox, in the browser left top corner says: connection to a site that s no secure or something like that…
Kind of enter at your own risk.
Why is that?
Hey Mike, do you need to upgrade this site to a more secure one.

Spam everywhere this morning. Deleted 8 spammer accounts. Ridiculous…

Wish there was a bounty. Every night now, invasion of the freaking spammers…

Its gotten so bad that when I click on Sways Google Chrome pops up and asks me if I want the page translated into English.

The best thing about Sways was knowing that we can all get on here, day and night, chat, fight, worry about the greatest / minor problem and carry on endlessly…but it was just us.
Now with all the spam it’s taken away a lot of the joy of being here so I looked for a surf forum that wasn’t so spammed to death but has the same intelligence we had. Here once.
There’s not another surf forum that’s just like Sways so I’ve had to lower my standards and get involved with SUPs, bought one, ride it , enjoy it, now building one, putting foils on it, taking the kids out on it and now I’m drifting away from normal surfing, and Sways, and it’s kinda good.
Different to Sways but better than Sways is now.
If Mike isn’t interested in doing what’s right for the people he attracts to the site, he needs to let it go. The mods are working hard but ultimately it’s his decisions that dictate what we see here. And it’s currently and consistently shite.

Mike, if you need money just ask but don’t let Sways just fall into this repetitive rubbish, it reflects poorly on you, the site and the members.

I would rather see twenty pages of Asian spam than a single photo or post related to SUPs. SUPs are the spam in any lineup. They are the most vile thing to ever enter the water.

Truth right there.

“Vile” huh?

sure I could look it up, but it might take me a vile to find it.

^^^^Now that’s the sort of humour that makes coming here worthvile. ^^^^