Special Promo at Sacred from ProBox and Paul Jensen

A special Promo at Sacred this week-end to the first couple of dozen people to show up at ProBox or Paul Jensen’s booth, will recieve a free ProBox or Paul Jensen T-shirt to wear thru the show made by Pat and Mathew from Fiber Glass Supply. This is a special thanks to our Swaylockian friends from ProBox, Paul Jensen and Fiber Glass Supply for your support and ideas. Looking forward to seeing you this week-end. Mahalo,Larry

Nice Larry,

Off topic…Does ProBox plan on selling “fin blank” material still? I was planing on making some fins to fit ProBox, but I don’t know how many layers of cloth it takes to get 1/4" thick tabs.(?) Tempted to go with GreenLight’s Bamboo fin blank material but I could use some coaching on how to get the tabs correct. Maybe even balsa compsand style fins, but the tab is still the deal breaker. Any suggestions?



Hi Widow_Maker, Yes still sell fin blanks. Greenlight is also a good way of going. I am working with Greenlight on Bamboo Fins now for next year. Tell Brian at Greenlight Larry sent you. Go to our Website for ProBox Base specs. Mahalo, Larry

Hey guys thanks for great emails about the Show this week -end at Del Mar. Looking forward to meeting some of you there and sorry I can’t be at the Big Sur gathering, beautiful area did many camping trips there. Alot of you requested my booth information, C17 is the booth number. Mahalo,Larry

Hi Larry…wish I could make it out. I tried…but it just couldn’t happen. Best of luck as the show to all.