Special Request, vintage single fin


I just placed an add, searching for a vintage single fin in the San Diego area for a great friend. I won’t repeat the whole post, but I would like to find a clean seven footish, functional mid to late seventies single as a gift from Mr. Balsa and myself (this was Balsa’s gift, but I’d like to step in add my contribution and get him a nice board). Not looking for a wall hanger, this is to be ridden by someone who is hooked on seventies shapes.

Normally I’d take my time and look, but as we just learned that my amigo is going in for a surgery next Wed, I’d like to find something while I’m in San Diego next week to give it to him either before he goes in or as a surprise when he wakes up. Being that I live/shape in France, this is my only window to see him for a while.

You can contact my by MP, or at , or at (619) 579-6726 (my folks, as of Monday morning).

I will repeat that we’re not looking for a freebie or a special deal, but I don’t have much time to browse.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers in his direction.