Speed coat/Uv sealer

Hey, I happened to go into my local surfshop (Playalinda) and met with the shaper for Atlantic surfboards and who does some of playalinda’s shapes. He was a nice guy (I AM SORRY I FORGOT HIS NAME) and I learned some stuff from him. I was wondering when you SPRAY (or do you rub on) a speed coat, what do you do after it? Are you suppose to sand it or use a brillo pad??? Also, would it work to airbrush onto the finished hotcoat AND THEN use the speed coat(or other UV sealer for that matter) to keep it from coming off? Thanks for the help. - This is one step i forgot to do on my board.

You can paint on your board and then seal it with the ‘speed finish’ and it won’t come off. You can spray or wipe it on. You can use ‘scotch-brite’ pads to buff it out to a matte finish or a glossy finish depending on which pads you use. http://groups.msn.com/thegrasshoppersurfboard/shoebox.msnw