speedfins anyone?

Ive been looking in the archives for information about speedfins but could not find all that much. Ive heard rumors of mick fanning ripping his tail off with these because they create so much drive, which doesnt sound all that bad to me since I could use the extra drive. I was just wondering what everyone thinks about them? They look really easy to install, but do not have all that much options as to templates and are not as widely available as other fin systems. I was thinking of going with them or futures.

i like them, not a pro surfer or shaper, but I like the feel of the fins flexing, the range of templates is sufficient when mixed with the different materials, stick with standards and tweak them yourself. the installation seems pretty easy, i’ve done one on a beater board, it didn’t come out rack quality, but that was the first time i installed any system, I was happy with the outcome, the new plugs are great, they use alot less resin than the ones before.

i forgot the best part, NO TOOLS!

Thanks, I didnt know they had a new system. Ive heard that it did use alot of resin but it doesnt seem all that bad. Where did you get the kit to install the plugs? Also how much did it cost? Ive just sent an email to the Hawaii rep and am waiting for a response.

I forgot to ask, how did you install them?

oops, maybe my no tools comment confused it a little, the install you need tools, but to change the fins out you don’t.

The install kit runs about 30 bucks, i got myself a Ryobi Laminate Trimmer, a straight 1/4" double flute Bosch Router Bit.

I’ve been trying speedfins for about 6 months. I was a little skeptic about their performance, based on my back experiences with different changeable fins. But the regional distributor in Brazil asked me to put them in a surfboard I trust. So, I change the glassed ones of my 6’0" squash tail by these new ones. WoW!!! What happened? My surfboard is alive! It’s incledible. I remember the first time I felt that extra propulsion when I was finishing a fast snap. And when you need to pass through that fat sections, just doing some zig-zags and easily reaching the inside section. Since then, I’ve been spreading the news to every custumer or friend of mine. No screws, no broken fins, no broken plugs…Great job Speedfins’ crew!

Thanks everyone, I think I will try this system, I just have to wait till the hawaii rep sends me an email on where to pick up the kit and the fins.

I use speedfins on all of my boards personal and customs. the new air pot is very light and uses a lot less resin than the old ones. the new hexalite fins are spot on . I always thought fins are fins . but speeed really work and live up to their claims. no tools to carry and no rust

Well I still havent heard back from speedfins yet so its not sounding good for me using them. I really wanted to try them out though, to bad. Looks like futures for me

hey jeff,

interested by your post. i was just ordering somethings to bring down with me in august. so, you can easily get speed fins in floripa? i see they have a rep there. does he also supply tools/templates? you prefer them over fcs?

ate ja.

Hey Rob!

Yes, it’s easy to get speedfins and all the stuff here. Florianopolis is an authentic surfcity in globalization times.