Spherical revolver size question.

I’m mostly riding traditional 9’6" single fin nose rider, though I occasionally ride a 7’10 thruster egg.  I enjoy the egg, but it’s a bit too much board and I’m interested in either a single fin or 2+1 set up.   

I found a really nice 6’8" 2 + 1 harbour sperical revolver for a great price.  But I’m wondering if its too short… Will I be losing the sweet egg attributes by going too small.  I’m 175 lbs, 5’11.   It will mostly be surfed waist to slighly overhead point breaks.  Thanks for your input.

go for it

sounds like you might want to look into getting a liddle-full outline boards made with point breaks as their focus of design. liddlesurfboards.com

Nice looking board!