Spider Cracks

On the last board I built the very first day I used it I got three or four places that shattered. They don’t look like the onion circles but look like little shatters. Any idea what might have caused this? Resin kicked off to fast? Used the board to soon? Took to much foam off the deck? Thanks again.


Hey Gregg,

I’m sure there are some top resin men out there with more experience than I but. I’ve found that boards with gloss coats are more prone to this sort of fracture than other boards. This sort of fracture is often just in the finish coats of resin and not in the lamination at all. I can be carefully sanded out and the resin built back up with a couple of coats so that it can be resanded and polished.

Hope things are going well for you.

Mahalo, Rich

i had the same sort of thing happen to one of my boards, small cracks that dont seem to affect the cloth…well i figure my hotcoat was too thick, maybe i diddnt sand enough , anyway i figure the hotcoat couldnt bend and flex like the board wanted to so it got small stress fractures in it…makes sence to me…these appeared after my first day riding it, its been about a year…its my favorite, the cracks dont seem to hurt anything but the looks if you inspect it . im shure i still get a new one every day but im not really worried unless i see a crack that shows some sort of look like its hit the cloth…this is all just what i see with my board and i figure it could be whats wrong with yours ,maybe

i have had this happen also cracks that dont seem to affect the cloth at all, i figure its cause my hotcoat was too thick…thick enough that instead of flexing with the board or cloth it wants to crack…makes sence to me anyway…i have a board that this started happening the first time i rode it…its been about a year now and it dosent seem to be causing any real damage other than looks.if you really inspect it…just my opinion on my board, could be the same as whats going on with yours

oops …what the hell happend.?..well you got 2