Spilled epoxy resin on concrete....HELP!!!! I RENT

I just shaped and glassed my first board.  When I was doing the hotcoat I set down my can to clean up and kicked it over.  The resin spilled all over the driveway.  I tried to spray it off with the hose but it didn’t work.  It is now cured on the concrete and I rent.  Does anyone have any advice on how to clean this up.  Please help.

Hope for a sunny summer and the UV radiation should make it brittle. By the end of the summer you should be able to whack at it with a hammer and perhaps an old chisel or pick and it will snap off quite happily.



    Mix a second batch and pour it all over the rest of the concrete? Spred it out with somethin! Now it all looks the same! Just my two cents! R

If the hammer trick doesn’t work, grind it down with your grinder.

Even better -  Rent one of these floor grinder babies from a tool rental shop:

mix up another batch...

pour it out, squeege it around then, tell the owner you had the driveway sealed...

might even get some kickback on rent

smack it with a hammer and it will pop right off


 Blame it on BP


No shit?

   Howzit eastcoastkook, That musy have been some fast kicking epoxy for it to get that hard so fast. Like was said hit it with a hammerthen use a square nosed shovel to get it off. If that doesn't work I just hope your deposit isn't to much because you won't see it when you move, but the grinder will work also. Hate to say it but this is the best laugh I've had today.Aloha,Kokua

In the mid 70’s I had rented a shop in a West Melbourne, Fla. biz park, i f’ed up and had not properly checked to see if I could do resin work there.

After jumping through hoops, I was shot down at the zoning meeting, “Catri” had a pal on the zoning board, no othere choice than work only at night until the prepaid rent was up, then into the garage at home until Claude Codgen’s shop in Cocoa Beach was ready for me to rent.

I had a 55 gal. drum in a cradle in my garage and was filling 5 gal pails when the phone rang, yep, you guessed right, I came back to the garage and found a river of resin running down the drive way nearly to the street.

I scooped up what I could for use later in fin panels, then catalyzed the remainder, wiping what I could with rags.

When I moved the driveway looked so good with that coat of grey driveway epoxy sealer over the whole thing that I rolled on for a cover up, I hope they never went into the attic crawl space where my exhaust fan sucked up the sanding dust !

Catri was always on the hunt for a “garage” factory, so I could never put anything out for trash collection, had to find dumpsters out of the neighborhood

Classic story from JimtheGenius, I can imagine a river of resin, what a nightmare. This sounds like is was worked into the concrete and not puddled so it could not be chipped off. There are many concrete treatments today that re-surface the slab, but they may not stick to the resin, There are also acid based “dyes” but you may run into the same problem. If it’s not too big an area, maybe finish the whole thing to blend. You can talk to a local concrete batching plant or a concrete supply house to get some good inside info. One caveat, is to concern yourself with it turning out too slick and slippery. GOOOD LUUCK!

i just kept quiet about the surfboard shaped outline of resin drips on the school workshop floor....

It probably isn't much use now but in case there is a next time, white vinegar and orange hand goop will both remove uncured epoxy from skin....tools.. concrete etc.

For small splatter drops,etc  chip away with a shovel.

For next time, tar paper or some roll of cheaper alternative at Home Depot.


       Howzit Jim, 2 questions, 1 why was Catri against back yard guys and Did you not set the drum back on it's flat bottom. Sounds like a nightmare for you.Aloha,Kokua

Dick had gone to prison, Johnny Rice was shaping and I was running the day to day operations at the factory, Dick gets out and starts working at the factory on work release, when ever the phone rings and he picks it up, the callers ask for me. This is a lot more power than he wants anyone else to have, I come in one morning and his “new” factory manager has all my tools on the desk and is writing the serial numbers down from them.

I ask Stan what he is doing with my tools and he replies that it is standard procedure to check employee tools against employer inventory before dismissal, he said I could pick up my check at the end of the week.

He said it would be best if I moved back to New Jersey or Rhode Island, I had gotten to be of use to Gary Propper and his board line, Dick and Gary were not seeing eye to eye, I had stepped on too many toes once again, I seem to be good at that. Gary had found Claude’s factory was coming up for rent, but that was in the future, so after the W.Melbourne fiasco, I had to resort to the garage again surfboard factory and dodging the Catri patrol, who would have inturn notified the powers that be.


My plan was to shut off the gate valve on the drum, but the call lasted longer than it takes to drain off 5 gallons, alot more

    Howzit Jim, The guy was an egotstic ass. He came to Kauai ( can't remember exactly when) and as struting around with his I am Dick Catri attitude and he learned that we here on Kauai in those days didn't give a crap who somebody was but how they acted here.If I remember correctly he got a slap from one of the boys and took off with his tail between his legs and we never saw him again. I don't know if he ever came back but I never saw him again or heard anyone say he was back here. One reason a lot of famous people liked Kauai was because we didn't care how famous they were and we just treated them like a normal person. Where I am staying right now and have worked for the last 5 years is next to Pierce Brosnan's house and he will be coming this week. He is a great guy but hates people who fawn over him, me I just say howzit Pierce and he usually just says fine and you. Aloha,Kokua