Spiral Cutterhead for Skil 100 Planers!

Well here it is!


Thanks to Mike at Sheartek, they are awesome!!!


Sheartak Spiral Cutterhead for Skil 100 Planer with Aluminum Cutterblock


Sheartak Spiral Cutterhead for Skil 100 Planer with Aluminum Cutterblock, 6 wing

Best upgrade to the old Type4 I’ve made. Love mine! Back cuts are especially good!

good to have you back Barry.  nice to have a Pro chime in.

all the best

Just got mine and installed it. I got the 6 wing design. After instaling I ran the plane. These cuter heads are balanced so perfectly that I emmediately noticed how much smoother it felt and also a noticable sound level reduction, runs notably quieter.

Yeah that’s pretty amazing.  I bet it’s even quieter than my Grit Barrel.  And yes I would think that it back cuts easy.  Balance and light weight has to make it smoother and easier on a Skil.

Yeah, after 30+ years of listening to my Skil planer, have to really pay attention as it is much quieter & is sometimes cutting when you think its not.

While Sheartak does mfg these and sell them on ebay there was a lot of time and money sunk into this by myself and time from other shapers like Barry testing these for me.

You may also order them through me by sending a message through here or on Instagram @j2themac or send me an email jessemcnamarajbl@hotmail.com.

I install upgraded premium bearings and remove small burrs etc that the mfg misses in their attention to detail to make it a smoother drop into your machine. Shipped to your door for only about $10 more than what it would cost to buy them through eBay. Also anyone thinking about ordering a cutter for your Hitachi…don’t buy the ones listed on EBay!! They are oversize and there will not be a zero cut. The mfg will supply you with a stack of washers to space the baseplate down to compensate. I have the sizes dialed and they are making special for me…although I’m sure just like the Skil cutters they will eventually list them on ebay.

The 6 spiral were designed to test on EPS but they have not delivered a far superior cut than the 4 spiral and in my opinion maybe not worth the extra cost. They do look frickin cool though!

@Wavecraft if those bearings are the ones they supplied with the cutter change them out quickly before doing any damage to your machine. They are not rated for the speed the Skil turns at.

Yeah I did notice that they were the cheap Chinese ones, kind of bummed me out. I didn’t use them. I had a set that I ordered from eurton electric 629ZZ premium, So I put those in.

I’m glad Jesse chimed in here.  He put in all the legwork in on these cutters just to have “Mike” sell them direct on EBay with less than adequate  Chinese bearings.  

Jesse’s cutter is a game changer and I’d recommend buying from him on general principle. It’s also cost effective when you factor in the bearing upgrade.

Jessie will be in the Skil Timeline booth at the Boardroom May2-3 with his cutters along with Pete C and his extensive knowledge and services.

I didn"t know about these untill I was searching for a belt cover on ebay and came arcoss it when searching for Skil 100 parts. So of corse I had to have one, right. If I had known about Jesse I would have definatly ordered from him. I am bummed about recieving substandard cheep inferior chinese crap bearings. Oh well I guess.

Still really like the one I got from Jesse. Really got used to turning the planer blade parallel when scooping out beef in the nose. Little different, but performs well. Over all pretty impressed!

The voice of EXPERIENCE, should  ALWAYS be listened to.       So glad to see you back on the forum.

hey mate, i messaged you, asking if you can do these for a hitachi P30 and what the cost would be and stating that im in australia.

I have the cutter head on my makita 1900b. i bought it from the guys at the Maleny wood expo.


Jesse  McNamara sent me the 6 wing cutter block.  I’ve had a chance to do a few boards with it and can say, if you are serious about shaping, you should have one of these!  They cut super clean, especially on EPS blanks.  But, I also did a PU blank with a 3/4" cedar stinger and it cut thru it like butter!  You have to go slightly slower with you cuts, but they come out much cleaner than a regular head.  Just want to thank Jesse for his quick service, great advice and most of all for having the class to come up with something like this for my old SKIL.  Much Mahalo’s!  Aloha, Randy Rarick

Now That’s the voice of experience!

I also purchased on ebay.  It has been almost 2 months since I ordered.  Hope it will arrive this week.  I will change bearings upon arrival. Wish I had been aware of Jesse.


Just learned that the factory was shut down for 2 months due to Covid-19.  Should arrive next week.